How To Get More YouTube Views? 10 Tips that Work

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The internet has become a major market with the increased use of social media. With over 80% of internet traffic expected to be video-based, it’s no wonder that the future of online marketing lies in video marketing, and especially YouTube videos. Add to that the fact that YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google, you will understand why almost all marketers around the world are trying to get their content on YouTube. Let’s not forget that YouTube is already loaded with millions of channels and videos. In other words, even if your video is unique or awesome, chances are it isn’t getting enough attention and views.

It is clear that building your reputation on any of the social media platforms is a challenge and takes time. However, there are plenty of ways to build a reputation, some faster and easier than others, which we’ll explain in detail here how to get YouTube views with concrete tips.

1- Create unique content

This is the most vital advice we can give today and, yes, it is the easiest.

It is true that if you create videos similar to highly watched videos, SEO videos and tag the video, you can put them in the similar videos section. However, content that no one else is creating is the best way to get views. The reason why unique content is better than duplicate content is simple. People don’t necessarily want to watch the same video over and over again. Unless they research a topic thoroughly, most people will lose interest in what you have to offer if it just mimics existing content.

By creating original content, you bring value to the Internet user.

Increase that value by reaching out to your consumers and prospects to find out what they want to see on your platform. The best way to do this is to research the videos that your consumers and viewers are watching. This will give you original content and give people what they want. You should also keep in mind that YouTube is a business owned by Google and just like Google, it has a heavy SEO focus.

2- Understand natural referencing on YouTube and optimize it

YouTube has a ranking system that is organized by search results. Understanding trends and positioning factors and then knowing which keywords have strong traction is key to improving your visibility.

When you want to optimize your SEO, you should examine the keywords by doing a dedicated analysis. If you don’t have a target keyword, there is nothing to optimize. Once you have a few keywords, try typing them into YouTube’s search bar. You will then see a list of generated suggestions. If you see multiple search queries, you probably have a great keyword since it has been searched time and time again by multiple people on YouTube.

Next to keywords, your title is the next essential thing to optimize. Optimizing headlines is pretty straightforward. You want it to describe your content, but also to be simple and easy to find. Your main keyword should appear near the start of your title. This will help you get additional ranking points, since these rankings are mostly done at the start of a title. For example, if your keyword is “Creating Landing Pages”, your title might be “Creating Landing Pages for Beginners”.

The third thing to check is the description of your videos on YouTube. Even your description is taken into account when ranking your video. You need to make sure that your targeted keyword is listed at least once in the description. Don’t go awkwardly into other keywords in your description. If it makes sense to put it there a second or third time, then do it, but if not, it’s just bad writing.

YouTube video tags are also essential for SEO and better positioning. Video tags are not seen by the viewer of your video. They are not required, but you must use them. They help YouTube’s algorithm and allow your video to be seen. Tags should target your main keyword and any variation close to it. These tags will help you show up through these variations when people are looking for content to watch.

3- Write titles that deserve to be clicked

A title on a YouTube video should work as efficiently as any other title on the Internet. VYou need to be able to capture your audience’s attention and generate excitement while using important keywords and letting your viewers know what exactly your video is about.. Mysterious clickbait titles only work for already large channels.

So you have to practice writing great headlines that also contain information about the keywords relevant to your niche. In order for a title to be click-worthy, it must demonstrate a clear benefit to the viewer. An “obvious benefit” can be a skill the viewer will learn or information he will gain. Creating a sense of urgency in the title will also help attract more clicks, which can be done by using words like “now” or “today”.

4- Thumbnails must be optimized

Most people are leisurely browsing the platform and may come across your video. Having a compelling vignette can make all the difference.

She can be the deciding factor for someone to click on your video or move on to other options. You need to make sure that your thumbnails are unique and interesting.

Rule number one for creating a thumbnail is that your image should represent what’s in your video. If you have a thumbnail that has nothing to do with your content, it will create mistrust and reduce the number of people accessing your channel and videos.

We suggest that you have a colorful thumbnail that catches the viewer’s attention and make sure that the image specifications are 1280 x 720 pixels.

5- playlists play an important role

Creating a playlist puts viewers in the section where they can find all of your videos. This will help the creator to present all of their videos in an organized way. The playlist can be found in multiple sections.

6- Use the power of annotations

Adding annotations to the YouTube video will give more information, can be used to highlight other videos or series and short clips; it will add value to the viewing experience. Annotations come in several types, such as spotlight annotations and video schedule annotations that will personalize the use of annotations.

7- Encourage people to embed your videos

If you are a blogger or have another identity in the web domain and have status, you can use your platform to bounce traffic from that website to your YouTube channel by strongly embedding your links. This will strengthen your bond with the people who are currently following your work by introducing a new facet of your “corpus” and give your subscribers a boost.

8- Be part of the Community

Regularly watching videos from other channels of your genre, especially channels the same size as yours, and taking the time to leave thoughtful comments can help you strengthen your presence in the community by line. Other creators will notice you as you become a regular viewer and it will get them to go to your channel and watch your videos (without you having to ask!).

You could even create opportunities to collaborate with other creators by first becoming a fan of theirs. Collaboration videos allow you to cross-promote your content and attract new viewers and subscribers.

9- Optimize your content for keywords

Every piece of content you produce for YouTube needs to be properly optimized using keywords. This means writing a complete description that includes your 3 most important keywords in your first 3 lines, including a lot of the appropriate tags and using your most important keyword in your title.

Do a keyword research to find out what viewers who might like your video are going to type into the search bar. You can start by searching for the topic of your video (i.e., “iPhone X review”) and see what types of words are used in the titles and descriptions of the top rated videos (or check out these search tools. by keyword). You can even view tags from other people’s videos using a free Chrome extension called VidIQ. These are all methods that anyone can use for free. Improving your YouTube channel doesn’t necessarily happen overnight, but with focused work and marketing, you can start to see your channel grow. Consider using some of these strategies.

10- Buy Youtube views

Once all of these recommendations are followed, your videos may be slow to find their audience. Considering buying views on YouTube may have advantages as well.

Buying views on YouTube is a common, albeit controversial, trend. So there are many online promotion services like this site to buy YouTube views, but only a few of them provide real views of real users (what you are looking for).

We suggest that you do your own research before deciding which of these providers you are going to work with and try to contact them for additional information to ensure that these service providers are legitimate and trustworthy.

A high number of views is a very important element that helps your YouTube videos to rank higher in the YouTube search engine.

You may even ask yourself, when looking for a particular video, which one is most likely to be viewed? The one that has been watched the least? Or the one that has been watched the most? We bet you’ll watch the one that has been viewed the most. Why would you do this? Because when a lot of other people are watching it, it must be worth watching …

Bonus tip:

Do not forget to encourage your community to interact with your video via comments, likes, shares and especially to encourage them to subscribe to your next videos. The more followers you have subscribed to your channel and receive notifications for each new video published, the more your audience and your natural views will be important.

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