How to get Position 0 on Google?

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As you can imagine, conquering Position 0 is not a long quiet river. It is not an exact science either. You should know that in 90% of cases (approximately), Position 0 is reached by pages originally appearing in the first 5 Google search results for a given query. It is therefore necessary to have a certain background to hope to quickly reach pole position! BUT, it is not unattainable for all that and it will be necessary to redouble efforts to be able to reap the fruit of tedious labor. This is why we offer you tips to achieve this, or tips as we like to say. Increase your chances by following our sound advice and above all, tested!

What is Position 0 on Google?

Since the beginning of 2020, Position 0 becomes the new 1time Google search results position. It is therefore a prominent place above the 1st natural search results.

Its display is more complete than a traditional result: it contains most of the time an image, the title of the page, the url and part of the content responding directly to the Internet user’s request. It can also be videos (especially Tutorial videos), It is undoubtedly THE PLACE TO BE, place of a thousand promises that must be aimed and tried to achieve thanks to the implementation of some good recommendations. useful.

If you were still wondering, here is an image of what this famous Position 0 generally corresponds to:

Example of zero position on Google

The different displays of Position 0

There are several out of Position 0, all used depending on what best suits the Internet user.

For example, there are optimized snippets in the following forms:

  • Video : Google offers you a video that it identifies as the most appropriate for the typed query.
    Video zero position
  • Paragraph : 82% of 0 Positions are presented as text. A text of a few lines is displayed with or without an image. We usually find this kind of answer to present a definition or a short presentation.
    Zero position for definitions
  • Listing : The result is always presented in the form of a bullet or numbered list (bullet points for English speakers at heart). This makes it possible to list multiple pieces of information in rows or a process of several steps. 11% of optimized snippets are lists.
    Zero position in list
  • Board : They represent around 7% of Featured Snippets. Google “builds” a table from the information made available on your site. Our friend Google is not starting from scratch, you can imagine. You must first have created a table on your page to hope that it is taken up by Google.

Zero position in tabular form

– It’s weird, I had already been told about Position 0 but not under that name ?!
– Well no, it’s not strange because several titles are used to talk about the Holy Grail in SEO jargon: Featured Snippet, Optimized Extract, or Answer Box

Shared Position 0

It is quite possible that your site appears only in image, or only in text on Position Zero. The two are not necessarily linked and not necessarily retrieved from the same website. Google chooses the content that seems most relevant to it (website A), as well as the image (s) that will be associated with it (website B, C, D…).

Shared zero position

All the more reason to add images to your content when aiming for Position Zero. It goes without saying that your images will have to be optimized for SEO. You then reduce the risk of another website intruding insidiously into your beloved insert.

How to optimize your images to avoid sharing Position 0? A few more seconds of reading and we’ll answer that question.

How to reach Position 0?

Position 0 is the place obtained by sites whose content is oriented towards the Internet user.

Google is constantly on the lookout for the query that most accurately answers its users’ questions. Google loves its Internet users (well … as a browser can love its users) so it wants to be able to answer very directly to the questions we may ask ourselves (yes because even as an SEO agency, we are users like everyone else. world). This is one of the reasons he made this very interesting insert available to us.

So you feel you are clearly answering a question? Haven’t you embroidered too much around your subject? Did you think of your content as a very serious interview?
And yet, Position 0 is still inaccessible?

Don’t panic, solutions are presented to you right after to reach Position 0.

Work on your On-Page optimization

The Title, meta Desc, Alt, H1, H2 and even H3 meta tags are all tags to think about and optimize correctly. Indeed, you can indicate a question in H2 or H3 and answer this question simply and clearly in your content. On-page optimizations are therefore the beginning of the long road to obtaining Position 0.

Respond clearly and briefly to the request

An answer that is too long will not allow you to reach Position 0. Be brief and concise in your answer. Less than 90 words are enough to be relevant. Beyond that, you are considered an embroidery club!

Create Cornerstone Content

The Cornerstone (“cornerstone” in French) Content represents your blog posts considered to be the most important, the most complete and the richest: The cream of the crop! So you have to push them through a well-organized internal mesh. Point the most links from your long-tail articles to your flagship content, and vice versa. This exchange of internal links will promote the promotion of your Cornerstone Content.

Organize text with hn tags

The Hn! As we told you a little above, Hn tags are important elements for you to achieve your goal. Use it wisely, include questions that you can answer in less than 100 words. Your main keyword must at least be present in your H1.

Answer similar or complementary questions

You don’t have to answer a single question in your content. The advantage of this Featured Snippets is that, as many times as you answer a question that is relevant to Internet users, as many times you multiply your chances of appearing in Position 0 on different requests. Indeed, it is your paragraphs that allow you to arrive in Position 0, not the page in its vast entirety. So write as many short paragraphs as you have questions to answer.

Add SEO Optimized Image

An image is always welcome to decorate a text, more or less long, making the content being read more attractive. BUT, be smart and remember to rename the image file by including strategic keywords before integrating it into the site. Also remember to give it an Alt tag, also containing the strategic keyword to optimize as a priority.

Set up a table of contents

The table of contents is a good way to prioritize your content and allow the user to access the paragraph that interests him with a single click. It is also essential for Google which also needs to quickly know the content of your article. This helps it to better understand your text thanks to appropriate HTML semantics. So many reasons to add a summary, whatever your type of content.

Position 0, an opportunity or a threat?

Normally, the display of the extract of the site in Position Zero gives the latter the maximum chance of being clicked, therefore visited and therefore, of benefiting from increased traffic. However, this SEO opportunity has a flaw for your traffic, and not the least. Indeed, it is an excellent thing to appear in Position 0, but it is also to your disadvantage. The display of this Answer Box is so well thought out that the user must get the answer without having to click on the link and access all of your content. This famous click to find out more does not take place and this traffic cannot therefore be counted to your advantage. Big frustration: you correctly inform Internet users and cannot precisely measure the impact of your content. Despite this threat, it is still very interesting to appear in this location.

Always useful:

If you do not or no longer wish to appear in Featured Snippets or Enriched Extracts, you can set up a meta tag allowing you to refuse the resumption of your content:

<meta name =googlebothappy =nosnippet“>

What are the novelties of the Positon 0?

Because the world is changing and so is SEO, here are some new things in the world of super Position 0:

A unique position

A site selected in Position 0 will ALSO no longer appear in Google’s first 10 natural search results. It was not uncommon for some sites to occupy almost all of the 1time Google’s results page and that created a monopoly that Google is still trying to stem. So if you were previously in 3th position on a given request, and that today you appear in Position 0, you will no longer benefit from a double positioning (3th position + Position 0). You will no longer be in 3th position and Position 0 takes precedence over the original position.

Today, in order to limit the growth of Fake News, Google has updated the guidelines dedicated to its Search Quality Raters.

What are Search Quality Raters?
These are Google employees dedicated to the relevance and quality of natural results pages.

The objective is to improve the relevance of the display or not of Featured Snippets and of course the quality of the responses associated with the research carried out. As Bad Buzz spreads faster than good news, Google is implementing measures to limit their speed of propagation. ” Quality first! “. The tests are still ongoing.

Even more Position 0 in the near future

It is now possible to have multiple Featured Snippets displayed one below the other. In order to prevent Internet users from re-entering a similar request by reformulating it, Google offers several Featured Snippets results.

Is this multiplicity of rich snippets still considered to be Position 0, you might ask? And you are not wrong to ask yourself the question. As long as MULTIPLE results are displayed in Position 0, can we always consider them in Position 0? Remember that Google wants to satisfy its Internet users. Its priority is therefore not to promote websites for their own personal glory. If Google has found a way to capture Internet users through the design of its search results… Then it will maximize its use! And we will adapt, as always.

In summary

Position 0 is, as we have seen together, a position of choice, a pledge of credibility and notoriety in your field. SEO team of 1time Position is here to help you find your place in this highly prized Featured Snippets. Stop letting the competition pass you by and take the lead.

Do you want support or find out more? 1time Position and its team of experienced SEOs can help you gain these positions thanks to a very good knowledge of the subject! Be surrounded by a team in charge of the conditioned editorial and well aware of the challenges of this position, an SEO team dedicated to improving your positioning and fan of on-site optimizations

Fish that stands out from its peers

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