How to get the Blue Badge?

Instagram certification is a guarantee of quality that gives your Instagram account some credibility. Of course, not everyone can obtain this certification issued by Instagram. What does it mean to be certified? Why is it worth becoming? What conditions must be met to obtain certification? What is the procedure for requesting it? We’ve summarized everything you need to know about Instagram certificates, as well as some tips to put the odds in your favor.

What is it to be certified on Instagram?

When one is certified on Instagram, one can observe the appearance of a small blue badge next to their account name. This means that Instagram recognizes the authenticity of your account.

Before 2018, these certifications were only given by Instagram itself, whereas it is now possible to ask Instagram. In other words, Instagram can assign it to you after a request, or on its own.

The certification icon on Instagram
The certification icon on Instagram

Why become a verified profile / account?

There are several arguments that make Instagram certification a significant point. Let’s see the different advantages of becoming certified:

  • Credibility
    First of all, in terms of credibility, it sends a strong signal to the community, especially to those who don’t know you yet. This certification is common to many social networks and has entered the common imagination. When you see this little logo appear next to an account, we trust him more easily. If you are legitimate in the eyes of the network itself, you will have a better chance of being so in the eyes of its users.
  • Security
    Another very important point about Instagram certification concerns security issues. With a verified account, no one can use your identity for negative purposes, since one can recognize the real account at a glance. It is of course reassuring for you, but also for subscribers who are like this sure not to follow a fraudulent account or who share questionable content.
  • Commercial interest
    From a business perspective, Instagram certification is a boon for you and your sales. Thanks to the whole image of credibility delivered by this blue badge, the bond of trust with prospects will be much easier to create on the network. In other words, you multiply your chances of converting and creating engagement.

How to recognize a certified account?

It is very easy to recognize an account that has been certified by Instagram. We see appearing just next to the name of the account the small blue icon with the “V”. This shows that the account has been verified by Instagram.

How to get the Instagram certificate? The 4 conditions

When applying for certification, Instagram takes into account 4 main criteria to judge your case:

  • Authenticity :
    This is the most important criterion. Your account must be authentic and represent something real and concrete. It can be your company for example, or a person, an association or others. It is therefore easy to understand on the basis of this principle that many accounts are not eligible for certification. For example, an account that reposts funny tweets on Instagram is not eligible since it does not represent any real entity.
  • Celebrity :
    To be “validated” by Instagram, you must be a minimum known. There really isn’t a minimum number of subscribers to achieve. Moreover, it is not only about the number of subscribers. If your account is often quoted or shared by other Internet users, Instagram will consider it as a positive signal. Anyway, we understand that an account with 50 subscribers, which is not wanted and which nobody talks about cannot claim certification on Instagram.
  • Full account :
    As part of a certification request, Instagram will also check if you have provided all the information it expects from you. It must therefore be ensured that the biography of the account is well filled, the same for the profile picture and all the informations requested when creating your account.
  • Single account :
    Finally, it is important to understand that only one account can be certified for a person or a company. Of course, we can find exceptions regarding languages. If you are established internationally and you have accounts in several languages, this will not be a hindrance.

How to be certified on Instagram? The procedure to apply for the blue badge

Here is the procedure to follow to apply for certification on Instagram:

  • For this, there is no need to leave the Instagram application. The first thing to do is to go to their profile and click on the 3 bars at the top right. You will then have to click “Settings” in the menu that will appear.
  • Then go to ” Account” , then ” ask for verification“.
  • You will now come to a multi-step application. The first is to provide basic information that confirms your identity. You will therefore have to fill in your Instagram username, your full name and a document proving your identity (passport, driver’s license, identity card, company status, etc.).
  • Step 2 is to ” confirm the public interest“. You must fill in the account category it is about (music, fashion, business, etc.). Optionally, it is also possible to add the audience of the account and the others under which the account can also be called. Another optional point: the links. We strongly recommend that you complete this section. It’s necessary add content links that prove your page is relevant. This could be the company site, a news article, other social media accounts, etc.
How to get the Blue Badge?
How to get the Blue Badge?
  • All you have to do is click on ” send“.
  • Then you have to wait for Instagram’s response. At this point, 2 situations are available to you. If you are validated by Instagram, the badge should appear on your account on its own for a variable duration. If the request is denied, you will receive a notification. It will then be necessary wait 30 days to retry a verification request.

3 tips to promote the certificate of your Instagram page

There is a set of best practices to follow to have a better chance of your certification application being accepted. These tips flow directly from the terms of the certificate. They are valid not only for obtaining but also for keeping the famous blue badge.

Have a serious and clean account

To optimize your chances of being certified by the network, your account must be “serious”. serious in the sense that it must be official and true. For this, it is important that all the information you provide to Instagram about your account is real. This seems logical but it is important to remember it. Obviously, the account must be authentic and not a fan account or one that does not respect the rules of use of the network owned by Facebook.

Be active on the network

Network activity is essential. For a celebrity, for example, he does not need to post content regularly to be considered certified since he is a public figure. If you seek certification as part of your business, more will need to be done.

When we talk about activity, we are not just talking about make posts and stories. Must also interact with the community in comments, in private messages, etc. In other words, give Instagram a model image of your account.

Go public

This is a basic condition to be eligible for certification: your account must be in public mode. A private account cannot claim certification. If your account is currently in private and you wish to make it public, here is the procedure to follow:

  • Go to your profile and click on the 3 bars at the top right of the screen. Select “Settings” at this time.
  • Head to “Privacy” in the menu.
  • Then, all you have to do is uncheck the “private account” mode.

Do not abandon

Even if the request is not accepted the first time, it is not irremediable. As we said earlier, you can attempt a request every 30 days. You don’t have to do not hesitate to repeat the request as many times as possible to get the badge. You may never get it, but at least you tried.

On this subject, it is better to try to apply once a month and not succumb to offers that promise you certification for money. Certification cannot be bought.

You now know how to request Instagram certification and what are the conditions to follow for this request to be accepted. If you have other tips to share, don’t hesitate to do so in the comment space below or on our social networks.

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