How to Get Your Page Verified and Get the Blue Badge?

Wondering how to get the little blue check mark next to your brand’s name on Facebook? How to get the blue badge that certifies that Facebook has verified your page? Here is the procedure to follow.

For emerging or established brands, getting your page verified on Facebook is crucial. Having said that, the blue badge is not given to just anyone, here’s why and how to ask.

What is Facebook Page Certification?

facebook page certification example
Example of a blue badge added on an official facebook page

The Facebook certification is the process of verifying your page by Facebook.

the Blue Verified Badge on One Page means that Facebook has confirmed that the profile belongs to a particular public figure, creator or brand, rather than a fan or impostor.

Verified badges on Facebook (and Instagram) appear next to the Page or account name, both on the profile page and in search.

Why have your Facebook page verified? 4 good reasons

  • To appear in the eyes of users as a mark of trust, authentic and thus make people want to follow you even more;
  • To allow users to identify at a glance that they are dealing with a brand’s genuine page and not an unverified page;
  • The verification badge proves that many people know and / or are looking for you. The blue check mark acts as an instantly recognizable social proof;
  • To gain a preview of the new features deployed by Facebook to companies.

What are the conditions for checking your page?

3 types of pages are eligible for obtaining the blue verification badge:

  • Official Facebook pages of artists, influencers or known individuals;
  • The official pages of recognized companies;
  • Official pages of highly sought after entities;
  • Pages which concern areas of interest (eg “skiing”, “badminton”, etc.) are not eligible.

How to have a page certified and obtain the blue badge in 7 steps?

The verification process on Facebook is different for business pages and personal profiles.

You will need to complete the same form mentioned below that you wish to have verified a personal profile (as a public figure or celebrity) or a page. For the first option, you will be asked to upload a copy of your official government-issued photo ID, such as a passport, ID card or driver’s license.

In this article, we will focus on the certification of a Facebook page. Here is the process to follow in this context.

Step 1: Go to the verification request form and choose what you want to have verified (“page” or “profile”)

facebook page certification form
Facebook page certification form

For start the verification process of a page, you will have to go to the form dedicated to this by clicking here:

Since this is a business page that you want to check, select “Page” under the question “What are you checking?” “.

Then, once the first item is clicked, a drop-down list will appear to select the pages you manage. It will therefore be necessary to click on the drop-down menu to select the page you want to have checked.

PS: you must log in as an administrator of the Business Manager account to submit this form, you cannot do it from any account that manages the Facebook page to verify.

Step 2: Select the correct category associated with your page

Correctly categorizing your page is important as it helps Facebook determine if you have relevant influence in a certain industry to warrant verification.

So make sure you select the right category and the country in which your business operates.

Step 3: Select the correct category associated with your page

Facebook needs solid proof that you are exactly who you say you are. So the next step is to download PDF copies of the identification and verification documents.

For a business page check, you will need to attach a copy of a phone bill, or a copy of the articles of incorporation, a tax return, a recent service bill.

We advise you to opt for the statutes of your company, that’s what makes the most serious.

Step 4: Describe your page’s audience and why they are following you

Although this field is optional, to put the odds in your favor, we strongly recommend that you complete it.

At this point, Facebook will ask you to describe the audience of your Facebook page: “Describe the people who subscribe to your Page or profile. Specify who they are, what interests them and why they follow you. “

It is important to answer the question “why they follow you” by showing that your company is a benchmark in your sector.

Step 5: Tell Facebook if your brand is known by another name or a synonym of your page name

The optional “Also known as” field is also important to complete, although it is optional.

It will allow Facebook to verify the popularity of your brand using all the terms that refer to it, the more you give that are really related and associated with your brand, the more likely you will have the search volume to be higher and that Facebook agrees to verify your page.

For example if we had to do it for our page, we would put “LE PTI DIGITAL”, “LE PTIT DIGITAL”, “PETIT DIGITAL” or even “LE PETIT DIGITAL”.

To find these similar names associated with your brand, a good way to get them is to simply go to your site’s Search Console account and see what terms people are using to get to your home page.

PS: it can also be the same name in several languages.

Step 6: Send to Facebook up to 5 links that prove that you are recognized in your sector

The objective in this optional section, but which we still advise you to inform well, is to demonstrate to Facebook that your business and your page are “of public interest”.

Social accounts with many subscribers, wikipedia page on your company, press articles about your company, you can list up to 5 links that will be used by Facebook to determine if you are eligible to obtain the famous blue certification badge.

Warning: on the other hand, it is important not to add links that point to paid or sponsored content in different media, Facebook will ignore them and even take them as a source of refusal of certification.

Step 7: validate the form and wait for Facebook to return

Once this last step is over, all you have to do is validate the form and wait for Facebook to come back to you with the decision made.

If you get the blue badge, you will be able to see it directly on your page after validation.

Facebook will notify you through a notification. The certification process can take from a few days to several weeks.

What to do if my verification request is refused?

“Hello, Thank you for your request to verify your account. We have reviewed your account. Unfortunately, it cannot be verified at this time. We encourage you to continue to increase your public presence and reapply in 30 days. Learn more about verified accounts: Regards »

If you receive a notification telling you with this type of message that your request has been refused, it does not matter, know that you can renew your request within 30 days provided of course that by then, your page is more legitimate to be certified.

We hope that this guide on verifying Facebook pages has been useful to you and that it will help you obtain the precious verification badge so coveted by community managers and web professionals.


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