How to have a good vacation?

How to have a good vacation?

It’s the holidays, we are going on a trip, 2 hours early and a lot of luggage, the heart beating… Summer is here, it’s really fantastic .. You have it? Grant it, it’s Ilona with her title it’s the holidays!

We also thought of this one: are you coming for the holidays?

  • I have not changed my address, I will be, I think a little in advance ..

You will understand, when it comes to holidays we are always ahead here!

First of all, we give you the definition of the word vacancy:

Vacation / rest period for working people. Rest means relaxation, it designates the fact of stopping a tiring activity to relax, to allow the body and the mind to regenerate. It feels good to remember that, doesn’t it?

To have a good holiday, there are a few rules to follow that we are happy to share with you.

1. Organize your vacation well

The ideal is first to plan an optimal duration and to distribute your holidays over the year. According to an American study, it is after 8-10 days that we are sufficiently rested; beyond that it does not particularly improve our well-being.

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Preparing for your vacation in advance is also a great way to keep up on a daily basis, because our brains make dopamine when we are impatiently waiting for something!

“The simple fact of thinking about it beforehand, of knowing that we are going to leave […] activates the brain’s reward circuit and generates deep well-being, ”confirms Dr. Frédéric Saldmann, cardiologist, nutritionist and author of several advice books for better living.

Of course, to organize your holiday smoothly, we strongly recommend that you bring someone with you to take off with complete peace of mind. Our advisors are always there to give you good advice, think about it!

If, however, you are spending a holiday at home, do not hesitate to break your rhythm and change your habits! Do not make a to do list like cleaning, doing the garden, repairing this or that, rather prefer walks, go and explore still unknown places, do things that are out of the ordinary, create … is to do you good!

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2. Drop out of your job

Indeed, bringing home work or vacation is stressful, you are not taught anything and yet dropping out can be a difficult exercise. Always trying to check email, write to colleagues who have sometimes become friends, or keep tabs on what’s going on by any means is not a solution. To take full advantage of a deserved rest, put your work at a distance and forget everything!

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3. Enjoy every moment

No matter where we spend our vacation, according to Florence Servan-Schreiber, author of several personal development books, including “Being happier without effort”, what makes us happy on vacation is above all the quality of the moments shared, the experiences we live and the exchanges and links that the we can have with others.

The best way to make the most of every moment is to reconnect with an activity that comes out of your daily life. Whether creative, physical or intellectual, doing an activity allows you to enjoy the present moment while increasing your well-being!

One watchword, you must take care of the quality of your moments and make the most of your time to have lasting memories when you return.

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4. Avoid the depression at the end of the vacation

The “post-vacation syndrome” does exist, but there are ways to counter this drop in morale and to prepare well for “back to school”! Here are some tips from psychologist Humbelina Robles Ortega to fight against the anxiety of returning to the office or to “normal” life:

  • plan a few days at home before the resumption,
  • already prepare your activities, to see your friends as soon as you return to have a good time and not think that the end of the holidays,
  • favor regular holidays spread over the year as explained in point number 1, this will allow you to have a goal and a new “end” date.
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Note that, according to psychologist Humbelina Robles Ortega, this little temporary depression can have consequences such as anxiety, sadness, fatigue, lack of appetite, concentration, insomnia or muscle pain … So , take care of yourself !

Where to spend your best vacation?

Apparently near the sun, it’s a good thing we can find it everywhere, even at the top of a mountain! The sun stimulates our hormone of happiness and sleep, which makes us feel happier and more energized. Don’t forget your sunscreen and too long exposure to the sun is not recommended either!

You now have sufficient doses for the perfect cocktail for a successful holiday! And above all, disconnect, let go, rest, have fun, earn well-being points for the rest of the year, take the time to do nothing, and above all, enjoy every moment.

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