How to have a Mac leased or rented?

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Best Mac leasing offers:

  • Apple Authorized Stores
  • Lokeo
  • Apple Card
  • packages with commitment

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1 – In-store leasing


Apple offers leasing offers in its stores, Apple Store, but not only. The firm is in fact not present in all cities (Toulouse for example), so that it then delegates its missions to approved partners. There are many of them, and they too offer to supply MacBooks and other models of computers under macOS with a price spread over several months. So let’s review the conditions necessary to qualify for this program.

Required conditions

First of all, you should know that this offer is only available to companies. But this does not mean that you are not eligible for all that, and for good reason: the prerequisites for taking advantage of Mac leasing are very flexible. Indeed, the person whose name will be on the rental agreement must have signing authority within his company, which is the case with many executives or other C-levels of startups. The client must also be a manager for at least eighteen months, but not necessarily within the same company. Associations are also concerned.

If this is not your case, no problem: you just have to go through your superior. The Mac won’t be yours personally, but if you agree to a agreement with your employer where you settle the amount of each monthly transaction then voila.

Mac rental

It should also be noted that these obligations concern France, but there are countries where leasing is open to individuals. We will come back to this later.

It’s free !

The advantage of the Mac financing leasing offer that exists at Apple is that it costs the same as the computer you are interested in, with no difference. On the other hand, you do not choose the payment term: it spread over thirty-six months, at 0% therefore.

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The minimum amount of each order is one thousand five hundred euros. But that doesn’t mean you absolutely have to do without cheaper computers like the thirteen-inch MacBook Pro with M1 chip at $ 1,449 or the 2020 MacBook Air at $ 1,129. Indeed, all you need to do is place a bulk order, for example by convincing a colleague to rent a Mac with you, and the operation will be successful.

2 – Specialized rental platforms

If, despite everything, you find that Apple’s requirements for leasing a Mac are too stringent, then you should know that there are excellent third-party alternatives like Grover or Lokeo. These are companies that are not licensed by Apple, but buy Mac inventory en masse and then make it available to their customers. Consequently, here too the rates are often at 0% since wholesale prices are very advantageous for stores of this kind.


Our favorite is Lokeo. It is a platform launched in fact by Baker which, you probably know, is an equivalent of Fnac or Darty recognized as one of the best on the French market. Even better: Lokeo has a section entirely dedicated to Apple on its website. Besides, it does not list only Macs, but also iPads.

Discover Lokeo

Mac leasingMac leasing

For computers, Lokeo divides its collection into two main categories. The first is that of portable models, with the MacBook Air M1 as the most affordable price with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage, from 26.49 euros per month. Be careful, however, because this shop requires a contribution, here of 66 euros, but which changes depending on the model and that is not always found in the competition.

At Lokeo, it is also possible to rent a MacBook Pro for example for 31.49 euros per month for a MacBook Pro M1 with 256 GB of storage. This price will however require you to commit for 36 months, and with a contribution of 78.50 euros. The larger MacBook Pros, fifteen or sixteen inches, are also available for leasing from Lokeo.

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As for the second category, it is obviously desktop computers. Only two ranges are available from Lokeo: the iMac and the Mac mini.

There are many advantages to leasing Lokeo, starting with the fact that since it is not really leasing, you are not not have to buy the Mac at the end of your engagement. In addition, the delivery of your equipment is made within three working days and the minimum commitment is six months, which means that you can potentially update your machine every semester if Apple presents new references. And this is the case every year.


Grover is an alternative to Lokeo, available especially in Germany and Austria. It offers quite similar alternatives but with a major positive point: the minimum commitment is only thirty days. So of course the price varies depending on the period over which you agree to rent your Mac, but it’s already better. Several models are available from Grover, from the MacBook Air to the Mac mini, including the Mac Pro.

Mac rentalMac rental

To register with Grover, be aware that you need a German number that you can get through an app like OnOff. The interface is clearly better than at Lokeo, but the customer service leaves something to be desired. Indeed, if your Mac has a defect, Grover can recover it for free and to fix there too at no extra cost. But you will not have another computer to replace… like at Apple for that matter. The interest therefore loses all its value, at least for a professional.


Like Lokeo, UZ’it is French. The company offers leased iMacs and MacBooks, from thirty euros per month for the MacBook Air or from forty euros per month for the iMac M1. Better: with their offer, it is possible to change equipment every twelve months. Perfect to match Apple’s now familiar renewal cycle.

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Discover Lokeo

3 – Cross the border

The offers in the Apple Store, at resellers or at Lokeo and UZ’it may not be enough. Indeed, the catalogs are sometimes too limited or the eligibility conditions ill-suited to each individual’s situation. The good news is that you actually only need to look to the services offered in other countries to find what you are looking for. In Romania, for example, leasing from authorized dealers is not not forbidden to individuals. All you have to do is find a contact on site to ship your Mac home, without import tax: thank you Schengen (beware of British solutions on the other hand).

Another scenario: CIT, which also offers rental with the advantage of being able to change equipment at will every month. The platform being located in the United States, the best is then to go through a service such as Shipito to receive your Mac leased in France.

4 – Financing with the Apple Card

Last option: take advantage of thestaggering offered with the Apple Card. This bank card marketed in partnership with Goldman Sachs is not available in France either, but all you need is a post office box or subcontract the creation of the account to a US tax number, and you’re done.

The Apple Card allows you to buy your Mac in deferred payment, at no additional cost. It is therefore not an offer committing you to repay any credit: practical.

Discover Lokeo

Mac leasingMac leasing

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