How to hide an application page on iPhone and iPad?

Cacher page applications sur iOS

Did you know that it is possible, on iOS, but also iPadOS, not to display all of its application pages? This can be useful, for example, to hide a page containing apps that you hardly ever use, or to hide a page containing applications that must remain out of the eyes of your children, when you lend them the iPhone or the phone. ‘iPad to play.

The handling is also very simple. Here is detailed step by step.

How to hide an app page on iOS?

  • On the home screen, keep pressing an application, then choose “Change the home screen”
Change application page display


Or, keep pressing outside of an app on an empty app slot until you see the display options and the famous app icon shaking effect.

How to hide app page on iOSHow to hide app page on iOS


  • Tap on the app page circles at the bottom of the home screen
How to hide apps pageHow to hide apps page


  • The screen named “Edit pages” is then displayed. Here, all you have to do is check or uncheck the pages you want to leave accessible. The system does not accept that no page is active, the minimum number of active app pages is 1
Tutorial hide apps pageTutorial hide apps page


  • Press “OK” to validate and again “OK” to confirm the change
Tutorial how to hide apps pageTutorial how to hide apps page


That’s it, your home screen now only displays the pages you’ve checked.

Change the display of application pagesChange the display of application pages


The app library, including all the apps installed on your iOS device and accessible on the far right, however, still remains there. Do not hesitate to consult our complete tutorial examining this library of apps.

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