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For a variety of reasons, you may want to hide or change your iPhone’s IP address. The process to do this is really not very complicated and we are going to offer you a small tutorial to help you understand how to do it. This guide is perfect for beginners who are not experts with their Apple smartphones.

Why would you want to hide your iPhone’s IP?

There are many reasons why you might want to hide your iPhone’s IP address, some more legal and legitimate than others. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • anonymity on the internet
  • Protection against hackers
  • Unblocking geo-restricted applications (Netflix, RMC Sport, beIN Sports, etc.)
  • The download
  • Visiting “prohibited” or “embarrassing” sites

No matter the reason, the solution to hide and hide iPhone IP address is always the same and we are going to introduce it to you right now.

4 simple steps to change your IP address

Our very quick guide consists of 4 steps that will help you hide your iPhone’s IP address. To modify the latter, we will use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This software is accessible to everyone, including people who are less comfortable with computers.

1) Check your current IP

In order to verify that the IP change is working properly, it is worth checking what the original IP address of your iPhone is. For that, nothing complicated, you just have to go to the site and you will see what is your IP address, the country in which you are and the city.

We did the test and here is the IP we had on our iPhone before hiding it:

French IP address

© iPhon

You can see that we are in Paris, France, and our IP is perfectly visible: But then, how to hide and change this IP address of our iPhone? Let’s go to step 2!

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2) Install a VPN on your iPhone

The easiest way to hide your iPhone’s IP is to use an application called VPN (Virtual Private Network). The latter not only allows you to encrypt your data (for secure browsing) but also to change your IP address very simply. For this, the VPN allows you to connect to a server in a given country and the IP of this server is then assigned to you.

The VPN we used for this tutorial is ExpressVPN (you can discover its offer here). It has 3000 servers worldwide spread across 94 countries. This offers a very wide choice of IP addresses to which it is possible to connect to hide the real IP of your iPhone.

Note though that ExpressVPN is by far not the only VPN that will work to hide your iPhone’s IP and that other providers, like CyberGhost, NordVPN or Surfshark will work just fine. If you want to know more, you can find our colleagues at Lemon squeezer a comparison of the main VPNs on the market.

You are therefore perfectly free to use them as well, the process will be very similar to what we explain to you in this guide. Once your VPN (in our case, ExpressVPN) is installed on your iPhone, connect to it and you will then have a home page like this:

iPhone VPN ExpressVPNiPhone VPN ExpressVPN

© ExpressVPN x iPhone

3) Choose a VPN server to connect to

The next step in this guide to hiding your iPhone’s IP address is simply choosing a server from your VPN provider.

In our case, ExpressVPN is present in 94 countries with around 160 locations (cities). It is therefore as many cities in which we will be able to place the IP address of our iPhone. It is possible to see all available countries very simply by going to “VPN Locations” as shown below:

Hide IP: country listHide IP: country list

© ExpressVPN x iPhone

Once again, the procedure to follow will be very similar if you opt for another VPN. You will also have the choice between different countries and different servers. However, the list may be shorter because ExpressVPN is one of the VPNs with the largest server networks in the world.

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In the available list, we will then choose a server located in the United States. By connecting to it, we will then hide our iPhone’s IP address and replace it with that of our VPN provider’s server. It’s that simple. You therefore understand that we will retrieve an American IP address (practical for watching US Netflix, for example).

We press the connect button and wait for everything to turn green. At this time, we are then connected to the American server and the IP of our iPhone should be masked.

Change your IP addressChange your IP address

© ExpressVPN x iPhone

4) Check that your iPhone’s IP has changed

The last step in this guide for how to hide your iPhone’s IP address is simply to verify that the changes we made worked. To check that everything worked well, we do exactly as before and we therefore go to to check where we are located.

US IP addressUS IP address

© iPhon

Good news, changing the IP address for our iPhone worked well. You can see that now we are located in the United States, in New York State, as indicated by ExpressVPN. We also note that the IP address of our iPhone has been hidden since it is now which is visible.

We managed to hide the IP address of our iPhone and replace it with an IP in a country of our choice.

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Is this method free?

Unfortunately no. The VPN provider we used, ExpressVPN, is a premium provider and does not have a free plan. However, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee without any conditions, which will allow you to test it without risk. Otherwise, its 1-year subscription is currently on sale with 49% off and 3 months free. The same goes for the other VPN providers we mentioned above, such as CyberGhost (visit here), NordVPN (visit here) or Surfshark (visit here). All are chargeable.

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Why is it better to use a paid VPN to hide your iPhone’s IP address? Quite simply because free VPNs are not very effective in this task. Not only do they encounter numerous IP address leaks (in addition to DNS or WebRTC leaks), but they also collect your browsing data to resell it. They are thus opposed to premium VPNs which are “no log” and which do not keep any trace of your online activities.

Also, if your goal is to change your iPhone’s IP address to a country of your choice, you are going to be very limited. Not only will monthly transfers be limited (to 0.5 – 2 or 10GB depending on the provider), but you will also only have access to very few countries.

While ExpressVPN is present in 94 countries, no free VPN provider offers more than 10 countries. Therefore, it becomes quite complex to change your iPhone’s IP to a desired country.

Our advice is therefore to take advantage of the free trial periods of premium VPN providers in order to change the IP address of your iPhone.

We hope you found this guide helpful and feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

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