How to Identify Accounts on an Instagram Story Already Posted?

It is now possible to post-edit a story already published to tag Instagram accounts (and thus notify them). Here’s how.

How to tag Instagram accounts on a story already online?

tag Instagram story accounts

Did you just share an ephemeral story and forgot to tag a partner’s Instagram account or another account? Want to tag up to 20 Instagram accounts in a story to grab their attention without having their profiles visibly displayed in your story?

A new feature launched by Instagram now allows you to tag any account on a story even after publication.

Here is the procedure for identify one or more Instagram accounts on a story apsince its publication:

  • Check the published story on which you want to tag one or more accounts;
  • Click on the three small dots at the bottom right of the story then click on ” Add mentions
  • Choose or search for accounts to tag;
  • Determine if you want these accounts to be able to re-share your story or not by checking the option, “ Allow people mentioned to add this to their story
  • Validate the selection by clicking on ” To add

How to tag Instagram accounts on permanent stories?

According to our tests, it is not possible to tag Instagram accounts on permanent stories published more than 24 hours ago.

How many accounts can you tag on stories that have already been posted?

This new Instagram feature allows you to tag up to a maximum of 20 accounts.

Will tagged accounts be notified of the addition?

Yes, all tagged accounts will receive a notification that you tagged them on an already published story.

Is it possible to untag an account tagged after the fact on a story?

No, it will not be possible to untag an Instagram account from a story that has been modified after publication. The only possibility will therefore be to delete the story and then republish it without the account in question.

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