How to improve your Local SEO with Google My Business?

How to improve your Local SEO with Google My Business?

Are you looking for a solution to improve your local SEO? You don’t know how to stand out from the crowd on your customers’ search engines and GPS? Find out in this article all the good reasons to use Google My Business, the reference solution to appear in Google Maps and in local Google search results by creating a personalized listing for your business.

Why create a Google listing My Business?

What is a Google page My Business?

A Google page (or file) My Business allows you, as a company, toappear in google Maps and in local search results. This page mentions all the useful information about your business including the type of services or products sold, your opening hours, your contact details and customizable links. You can redirect your potential customers to your website, encourage them to make an appointment or even allow them to register for your events.

How Google My Business Improves Your Company’s Visibility in Local Searches?

Thanks to your Google My Business listing, your business will finally be visible to your customers in your catchment area. Indeed, if an Internet user searches for “restaurant” on Google, 3 results will be displayed in the insert dedicated to Google Maps according to their geolocation.

On my example below, the results that appear are the restaurants that have a Google My Business listing near me:

Whatever your business and your services, it is important to be present on Google Map because many Internet users are looking for the geographic proximity with businesses.

If you don’t have a Google My Business page, it’s simple: you just don’t appear on local search results or your prospects’ GPS.

However, Internet users are like everyone else, they always favor simplicity! The first Google results are the most visited.

It is therefore essential to create your own GMB page to appear in the eyes of your future customers.

How does local SEO work?

Creating a Google My Business page is absolutely essential for any establishment welcoming the public. This is referred to as a web-to-store approach: improving your visibility on the internet to obtain visits to stores, offices or agencies.

In practice, being referenced at the local level will have a significant impact on your ability to attract new customers. Better still, some SEO professionals have found tips to optimize local results by understanding all the driving forces behind local SEO.

Understand and analyze a research result

When I was looking for a “restaurant”, I found myself in Vaise in a district of Lyon. Google therefore suggests three restaurants more or less in my neighborhood.

However, when I click on the “show all” button I realize that there are many restaurants around me and the three suggestions that Google offered me are not necessarily the restaurants closest to me, nor the most famous.

google my business restaurant

So how does Google choose which establishments to display in the insert in search results? Why are some establishments in the same geographic radius better positioned than others in Google Maps?

In order to answer these questions, we will focus on optimizations of a Google My Business listing which play a big role in their local visibility.

What optimizations to bring to your Google page My Business?

If the competition is tough in your area of ​​activity, it is not enough to create a Google My Business page to appear locally. Indeed, Google will highlight the most complete files, in order to give Internet users confidence and to encourage them to come to your establishment rather than another. You must therefore make sure that the basic information is available: timetables, address (so that the user can have access to a route in one click) and telephone number.

In order to be better positioned than your competitors on Google Map, it is possible to go even further! For the enjoyment of your Internet users, but also for Google robots … So why go without?

Do you want to know how to go further and seduce Google robots to appear in 1st position? I’ll give you my advice! 😊

Write a good description

A good description is like a good menu! It should make Internet users want to know more about you and your products or services. To be well referenced in your region or city, you should also try to make it as local as possible. Strategic keywords can also be integrated. The latter can be up to 750 characters long. The opportunity for you to arouse the interest of Internet users and encourage them to call on your business.

In my previous example, a good description could include keywords combining sector of activity, offer and city such as “Lyonnaise cuisine” “Vaise station restaurant” “all the flavors of India just a stone’s throw from the Lyon metro” , etc.

Add “posts”To your Google My Business

Always with a view to arouse the interest of Internet users, I invite you to add publications (posts) to your Google My Business page. These will appear in Google search results and on maps.

Note: Google posts expire after seven days. So do not hesitate to publish posts frequently in order to work on the Google My Business page in the long term..

Regarding the type of posts, you can very well create publications on your news, on your expertise or even communicate on company events. With each new communication, you have the possibility to add call-to-action (buttons encouraging action) of the type “Find out more”, “Book”, “Register”, “Buy” and “ Get an offer ”which will allow you to make an appointment with interested Internet users or to sell them your products directly.

Add photos and videos

It seems that a picture is worth a thousand words … In addition to highlighting your establishment, the addition of many photos and videos also allows you to literally much more visible in the eyes of Internet users. The trick is to add them as you go, rather than all at once. This will show Google robots that you are active on your page. As a result, your establishment will appear higher in local search results or in Google. Map. So do not hesitate to enrich your Google page My Business with photos and / or videos regularly to differentiate yourself from your competitors!

Get opinions and respond

Reviews are essential signals. They show what Internet users think of a company, its services or its products. They therefore give it great legitimacy – some would say, social proof – and validate or invalidate its expertise. For Google, Bing and other search engines, these reviews are a key factor in ranking you in local searches (although the overall rating does not impact your ranking). You must therefore collect many opinions (and do not worry if you have a few bad opinions, they will be drowned under the good ones)! To do this, do not hesitate to solicit people who have been satisfied with your services!

Following the collection of opinions, it is important to respond to them, whether they are good or bad. This will demonstrate to Internet users that you take the satisfaction of your customers into account and will allow you to reach new customers or retain those who have been satisfied with your services!

And that’s good, my colleague has prepared a little tutorial for you with ready-made sentences, if you are lacking inspiration for respond to a negative Google review.

You too deserve to be seen! Take the time to pamper your Google My Business page as if you were preparing your new storefront. It is about your image, your visibility and above all, your turnover!

A glitch? Do you want to go further in your SEO or boost your site to welcome even more new customers?

Ask for the expertise of an SEO agency and above all… Ask for Claire DEBERNARDI. I would be happy to help you! 😉

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