how to improve your web referencing on Google?

SEO en 2021 : comment améliorer votre référencement Web sur Google ?

Being on the first page on Google just means that you have earned their trust!

But to get there, the road is long, marked by challenges such as mastering algorithms. You hope to get a good SEO score in 2021 with your website?
Now is the time to get down to business! You will discover in the following lines, unstoppable tips to improve the SEO of your website.

How does Google work in ranking websites?

There are many factors involved in the SEO of a website. Experts currently number more than 200. This assumes that there is no room for improvisation and that you have to understand the system to sport a good PageRank. PR is nothing more than the algorithm used by Google to quantitatively measure the degree of popularity of a web page. SEO in 2021 is therefore first of all to obtain a good PR score.

The higher this score, the more traffic to the relevant website will be. To measure the PR of your site, Google analyzes the content and compares it to other sites. Of course, these sites must deal with the same themes or sell the same products as you. And when you seem to be more satisfying to viewers, your site will be pushed to the top. It will thus be able to obtain a better place in the search results.

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PageRank is therefore the determinant whose main function is the relevance of the content of the site. SEO indicators for 2021 therefore consider how many sites redirect to yours. They also check the quality of these sites and their PageRank ratings.

The more quality websites link to yours, the more you will be considered a referral. You will be recommended to Internet users: this is the basic but clear explanation of the logic of PageRank.

There is, however, a tiny detail about PageRank. Google has not made public all the information related to the functioning of the PR algorithm since 2016. So, it is up to you to contact an SEO expert if you want to have a good SEO score in 2021. At the same time, you will have a good mark allowing you to propel you to the top of the SERP ranking.

Google’s PageRank since 2016

Google no longer provides any PageRank value, so it’s impossible to know now. Thus, some private companies such as Moz and Majestic SEO try to approach it through their indicators (quote flow, trust flow, Domain authority, page authority) in order to get an idea of PageRank Real and allow webmasters to compare different sites – Source Wikipedia

How to get a good SEO score in 2021?

There are levers that any SEO agency must rely on to increase the popularity of a site. Remember that a popular site is supposed to have a good PR rating, good visibility, and good internal networking.

Note that it is all this that allows you to have very good traffic. But the list of these levers is not exhaustive since the requirements of web referencing are not static. Also, SEO in 2021 has not finished revealing all its requirements.

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Have better quality content

Google is increasingly putting a point of honor to the quality of the user experience on its platform. There is no point in having a site that meets SEO requirements but offers no relevant answer.

Although you may already know it, it is still important to remember it. It is the quality of your content that will attract Internet users and convert them into customers. The content is therefore the basis!

Conveniently, Google’s indexing robots crawl the content of each page. SEO in 2021 will not change on this point. The algorithms of the various tools developed by Google will proceed to an in-depth decryption of the theme of each content.

The goal is to appreciate its relevance. What will evolve, however, is how to better satisfy voice search. In fact, your content will also have to adapt to this type of research.

Create a good netlinking

In addition to the quality of the content, it will be necessary to consider setting up a quality netlinking. This is a parameter to be favored. Indeed, the links from a site A to a site B facilitate the flow of traffic and the user experience.

SEO in 2021 will place more emphasis on this external network of sites. It would then be interesting to have a network of sites collaborating with yours and including you in their backlinks.

These backlinks or outgoing links from your site must however be redirected to sites with a good positioning. This helps boost your SEO score. An internal network allowing to enhance your pages between them, would also be interesting to raise the quality of your site.

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Determine a good keyword strategy

All your SEO efforts would have been in vain if you glossed over the keyword strategy issue. A good SEO score in 2021 will also go through this. To do this, you need to make a list of the likely Google queries that can lead to your pages, and work on them. There, depending on your objectives and the precision of the themes addressed, a long or a short tail can be defined.

Long tail words allow you to get quality traffic that is quickly convertible. They are not, however, prolific in traffic. Those of short tail, on the other hand, are, but without guaranteeing you a good convertibility if they are very competitive.

Mobile optimization: an important aspect of SEO in 2021!

SEO in 2021 will likely be marked by a revolution in mobile search. Sites that have anticipated with a digital strategy focused on mobile satisfaction will have succeeded. Indeed, mobile devices are more and more used for research to the detriment of traditional computers. This is one of the reasons why Google has hammered home the importance of mobile website indexing in 2021.

Otherwise, if your site is not optimized for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), its SEO could suffer. This assumes that to have a good SEO score in 2021, your website must have good mobile ergonomics. It should also have a good loading speed, and a good interface.

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