How to include visual storytelling in your content strategy?

How to include visual storytelling in your content strategy?

55% of professionals say that an interesting story attracts and holds attention, according to a 2018 report. The visual appearance of your marketing content therefore has a direct impact on their performance.

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Indeed, any marketer knows that visual elements have a decisive impact on the performance of landing pages and blog posts, but especially on conversion rates.

It is therefore necessary to stand out from other brands and the choice of images cannot be limited to standard photo banks. The most effective marketing content should tell a story. In other words, storytelling has a decisive role to play, the idea not being to reduce the size of the content, but rather to produce quality.

Visual storytelling on social networks

Visual storytelling is a more than interesting method to unite a community, convey a strong message or even work on its brand image. More than close to the concept of “social storytelling”, here are the key tools on which to base your story to tell stories on social networks.

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Images and infographics

Whether it is photos or even infographics, making use of quality visuals that are clear, easy to understand and attracting attention is essential. It is quite possible to use the services of a freelance graphic designer or photographer to take care of it, or even to recruit one.

The content generated, when it comes to a photo, must have an obvious evocative power, with a refined technique, in particular in terms of:

  • Colorimetry.
  • Staging.
  • Contrast.
  • Exposure.

If this content is an infographic, do not hesitate to reduce the number of figures used and to formulate them in such a way as to include the Internet user. Whether it involves the tone of humor or any other editorial line, it must engage and challenge. In this way, the brand demonstrates through statistics that the members of its community are part of its history.

On a completely different aspect, visual storytelling can involve “memes” of all kinds, major figures in popular web culture. Appearing at the very end of the 2000s, these are deliberately grotesque, absurd and comical images and GIFs, adaptable to many situations. Now, brands have seized the codes to apply them to their products and services in order to convey messages based on popular references.


On a completely different note, carousels can be an excellent springboard for social storytelling. This format is particularly suitable for a Facebook Ads advertisement. What is more, such a concept can correspond to the expectations of a company wishing to promote the arrival of a new product on the market.

In 2015, Digiday already reported figures from Kinetic Social, claiming that carousels generate 10 times more traffic than traditional ads on this network.

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Videos are the “easiest” way to tell a story on social media. Indeed, the technical constraints are much less numerous with this medium and therefore give more free rein to creativity.

In fact, this remains one of the vectors of community engagement, but also attracts much more attention. What’s more, it is content that must be:

  • Immediately understandable in terms of selected shots and extracts.
  • Source of key information, especially with overlaid textual content.
  • Entertaining and quick to load, to avoid loss of attention.

In another of its reports, Digiday also reported that on Facebook, 85% of the videos posted were viewed without sound. This data makes it possible to highlight the importance of the clarity of the subject for a video, where the sound must be incidental when a message is transmitted.

Tips for successful visual storytelling

Visual storytelling remains complex and difficult to master. To successfully make yours relevant and able to meet your business goals, feel free to follow the tips below.

Consider the 5-act structure: the Freytag pyramid

The Freytag pyramid is one way of approaching the principle of narrative structure. It makes it possible to make the key stages of a story more identifiable by going through the following points:

  • The exposure, or initial situation.
  • The obstacles encountered by the protagonist.
  • The climax, source of tension and attracting attention.
  • The fallout of the action, where the resolution of the story is felt.
  • The conclusion, or the answer to all questions.

Of course, such a diagram applies to a video format, but can just as easily be used in an innovative way during a teasing or even by means of memes and images for example.

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Arouse emotion and challenge

Although this rule may seem more than obvious when discussing the question of storytelling, it is important to stress its importance. Indeed, arouse the attention is simpler when the story arouses emotion and exploits the pathos of the spectator to challenge and fascinate him.

Include members of your community in the narration

In order to make your story ever more accessible, it remains possible to integrate your community into the narration of your visual storytelling. Among the best-known examples, Netflix’s social media strategy remains a textbook case: generating sophisticated and comical visuals, illustrating the behavior of members of the community or their degree of appreciation of the content offered on the platform.

Extend its story to different social networks, including YouTube

On the other hand, you can very well opt for a large campaign involving the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or even YouTube. Making your visual storytelling memorable means encouraging members of your community to take part in it.

This then turns out to be ideal when teasing a major new product for your company, involving researching information on your social networks, your website or even YouTube channels created especially for the occasion.

To go further, download without delay these storytelling models free to easily create an effective messaging around your company, its brands, products or services and their functionalities.

Storytelling models

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