How to include your personas in SEO?

les personas en SEO

How to get into the mind of your prospect and understand him?

You may think directly of Profilers, those people who dissect the behavior of serial killers to build their profile and help to understand and anticipate their actions! oh wait…. But yes, that’s exactly it! Except that this time it’s not about serial killers, but about your prospects and future customers who will buy your goods or your services!

How do you put yourself in your client’s shoes?

Most of the time personae are profiles based on market studiesor with information collected from the sales force, sales department or CRM. You can easily know your personae if you ask or ask the opinion of your current customers.

You can also inspect the profile of your customers, their professions, their position, is he a decision-maker, their temperament… Age and socio-professional situation is also very important, codes, culture also.

Why take into account the personae in SEO

You understood that the personae was your ideal client and that he can bring you a lot in your strategy. But then in SEO, how does it work? Here are some leads:

Respond precisely to a search intent

Search intent in SEO takes an increasingly important place in thesearch engine algorithm. In effect Google (to name only him) tends to become a response engine in which he will give a response as quickly as possible.reply to its user. If we try to know the desires, the questions, the concerns of a user by building a persona, we will be better able to answer him. This gives you a better chance of standing out on highly targeted queries.

Decrease bounce rate

The bounce rate is a Interesting KPIs in SEO, because it allows us to understand if a page is interesting enough or not, if it lacks content or information that the Internet user has come to seek. To decrease the bounce rate using personae, you can:

Write good content

Well yes, it may seem obvious, but it’s not that simple. To help writers write content, you have to help them and tell them who they are talking to. The personae will help the SEO writer to write well-targeted content using a specific tone adapted to the reader. By integrating your personae into your writing brief, you promote more appropriate quality content.

Tell a story that captures the reader’s attention

A story is told from the beginning, immerse your reader in your content, train him in a story so that he hangs on by recognizing himself through it. It’s the power of storytelling that will capture the maximum attention of your prospect.

ux writing: prioritizing the information on your page

We know little about the concept of UX writing or UX writing in France, but it is in full development especially in the United States and already widely used by our friends Google. The goal: to improve the user experience other than by design but with words.
Whether in the editorial content or the layout, it is important to be able to give quick and clear information to your reader by responding to his intentions. Moreover, in UX and UI, the persona principle is used a lot to understand the behavior of an Internet user on a page. Some tests are also carried out to validate or invalidate certain versions of pages or sites in beta test.

Example: You offer places in a senior residence or in Epadh: your persona will not be the elderly person, but probably the children or grandchildren. What is he mainly looking for?

The price ? Comfort ? The services offered in addition?

Your personae will quickly help you to know the answers to these questions and highlight them on your pages.

The advice: A content block with the promises with a HN title structure and an argument in a few sentences.

Increase the number of page views

Your personae profile can help you segment your audience and thus offer appropriate content. For this you can create different pages all linked to each other, but with different paths. So you lead your reader in a story from page to page while increasingly targeting your ideal client.

Create an internal mesh in silo with the interests of the client

Internal linking is a very powerful optimization in onsite natural referencing. Why ? because :

    1. This allows a wider semantic field and brings weight to the target pages
    2. This promotes the distribution of “link juice” (popularity) in the pages
    3. You keep your user in an ecosystem associated with his theme with a maximum of information.
    4. It can wander from link to link and then increases the views of your pages.
      Therefore, with good, engaging content, related pages and easily available information will increase your chances of providing the best experience to your customers.
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