How to incorporate cardiovascular exercise into my daily life?

Cardiovascular exercises, also known as aerobic exercises, are pillars of a healthy life since they help to have an adequate physical condition and resistance, which provide us with excellent health benefits.

To take into account when starting cardiovascular exercise

To obtain the cardiovascular benefits, it is recommended to exercise frequently, at least 3 times a week and with a minimum duration of 150 minutes in total.

The duration and frequency to achieve this may vary depending on the organization of your day, so each person will have a different rhythm and frequency.

The ideal is to find a balance that invites you to incorporate exercise on a daily basis and from there you begin to enjoy the results.

Determine a time and hour a day to carry out your exercise, be realistic in planning and gradually elevate your routines.

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Commitment and perseverance are vital to comply with them and that everything becomes part of the day to day in a natural way.

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If you are doing cardio for the first time, a stress test or a consultation with a sports doctor or sports coach may be worthwhile.

Your type of cardiovascular exercise

There are a wide variety of cardiovascular exercises and you can choose the most appropriate for you, depending on your goal, your skills, preferences, physical condition, limitations, the time you have, the location, among many other factors.

Find the most appropriate exercises that motivate you to want to do them again the next day and that are practical in your day to day.

Most of the exercises and sports can be an opportunity to have social gatherings in coexistence and promote taste and perseverance.

Likewise, you can find in some exercises a time for reflection, introspection and personal improvement, such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Yug Do, among others.

Examples of Cardiovascular Exercises

– Run walk.

– Jump the rope.


– Swimming.

– Dance.

Tips to perform before and during cardiovascular exercise

There are some practices that can help you greatly to prepare the body and mind for exercise, with them your performance and resistance will be greater and will help you prevent fatigue.

Starting with stretching and warming up is ideal for working on flexibility and oxygenation of the muscles and preparing the whole body for greater activity.

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Watch your breathing at all times and remember to hydrate properly.

Designating and shaping a suitable space to do your exercises is of great importance if you plan to have the desired frequency.

If possible, exercise outdoors and do not forget to wear sports clothing that is comfortable and appropriate for the activity.

Get active with cardiovascular exercise

Take the first step and start with your favorite exercises, you can alternate them to make your experience more varied and thus look forward to the next time.

If you do not know where to start, here you have an idea, the point is to be constant since once with a rhythm you will not want to stop having your exercise time per day, you will feel better, more relaxed and you will be healthier.

Remember to gradually increase the frequency and time until you reach your goals. When physical exercise is desired, you are closer to being healthy.

Source: Texas Heart Institute

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