How to install the iOS 16 beta on your iPhone?

iOS 16 bêta 2

Apple allows all users to preview new versions of its software, iOS, iPadOS, but also macOS, tvOS and even watchOS. Only, it is not necessarily easy for everyone to understand how to install iOS in beta version on their iPhone. Here is our guide that will allow you to become an iOS beta tester in no time. And thus discover the new features of iOS 16 before the time!

Precision concerning iPadOS: this tutorial is valid for iOS, but it is applicable in the same way for iPadOS.

Things to know before becoming a beta tester

Beta: beware

Please note that we do not recommend that you install a beta version of iOS or iPadOS on your main iPhone or iPad. Any beta version is a trial version, that is to say, it potentially presents major and risky malfunctions for your data. This is to know before installing a beta version of an OS on one of your machines: it is not uncommon to end up with an unusable iPhone following an update to a beta version of iOS .

Necessary backup

It is for this reason that we advise you, before starting the installation procedure for iOS in beta version, to make a backup of your iPhone. To do this, you have two choices. You can either save a backup on your Mac, in wired mode by connecting the iPhone to the computer via a Lightning-USB cable, or make a backup on iCloud. For this second solution, go to the iPhone settings, press on the iCloud identifier at the very top, then on iCloud > iCloud Backup, before turning on the “iCloud Backup” switch.

prepare iPhone resale



Last point to consider when considering installing a beta version of iOS or iPadOS: the age of your machine. It regularly happens that new versions of iOS or iPadOS are only compatible with recent iPhones and iPads. If you are interested in a beta of a new major version of iOS or iPadOS, then don’t forget to check if your tablet or mobile does indeed support the update.

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For iOS and iPadOS 16, see in particular:

How to Become an iOS 16 Beta Tester

There are two types of beta versions offered by Apple for its software: public betas and the beta developers. Public betas can be installed by anyone. They always appear after developer betas, which, as the name suggests, are normally only for app developers. But without necessarily being a programmer or an iOS application coder, know that you can still install an iOS developer beta. We explain below how to do it,

Tester for public betas

To become a public beta tester, you must register at the beta test program here at Apple. Those who have already tested previous betas of iOS do not normally need to re-register every year. They simply have to identify themselves with the account used the previous times.

Attention, to date, there is no public beta version of iOS 16 available.

Tester for beta developers

To join the developer beta test program, you must be an app developer and have joined the program Apple Developer. It is therefore not given to everyone. But you should know that there are websites on the internet allowing you to retrieve beta testing profiles to install on your iPhone and allowing access to beta versions of iOS for developers, without being a developer and registered with Apple. The website we use for writing is as follows: We detail below the procedure to follow to retrieve a test profile on your iPhone from this link.

WARNING : by using these types of websites, you expose yourself to security failures. Indeed, there is no guarantee that the profiles made available here are safe for your machines. Also, this is an alternate path not supported or recommended by Apple. If your iPhone encounters problems after installing a test profile found elsewhere than at Apple, you will have a hard time getting help from the Californian’s after-sales service. These dangers must therefore be taken into consideration.

For our part, we always recommend, if you are not a developer, to remain patient and wait for the release of the first public beta version.

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Install the beta tester profile on your iPhone

For public betas

  • Go to from their iPhone, via the Safari app
  • Download the beta tester profile for the desired iOS version
Download iOS beta test profileDownload iOS beta test profile


Attention, to date, there is no public beta version of iOS 16 available.

For Developer Betas

By being a developer and registered with Apple on the side of the Developer Program, the profile is retrieve here. Otherwise, go to the website Beta Profiles from Safari on your iPhone and follow these steps:

  • Under “iOS 16 Download” and “iOS Beta Profile”, press “Install Profile”
  • Confirm the operation by pressing “Install Anyways!”
Download developer beta profileDownload developer beta profile


  • Authorize the download then press “Close”
Install iOS Developer Beta ProfileInstall iOS Developer Beta Profile


Update to iOS beta

Once the profile has been downloaded from the Apple site or elsewhere:

  • Go in Settings > General > VPN & Device Management
  • Your profile should appear under “Uploaded profile”
installation beta profile test iOS beta versioninstallation beta profile test iOS beta version


  • Tap the profile to install it
  • Choose “Install” at the top right, enter the confidential code and accept the conditions
Confirm Install iOS Beta VersionConfirm Install iOS Beta Version


  • Confirm one last time by pressing “Install”

The system alerts you when the restart of the machine is necessary to take the changes into account. Do “Restart”.

Validate installation iOS beta versionValidate installation iOS beta version


Once the iPhone returns after a few seconds, follow these steps:

  • Go in Settings > General > Software Update
  • There should be displayed the beta version currently available under the beta testing program you joined
iOS 16 Beta 2iOS 16 Beta 2


Whether for a public beta version or a developer beta version, once the corresponding profile is installed in the settings of your iPhone, you will be alerted as soon as a new beta version of iOS is released by Apple. Thus, you can install each beta update as a new classic version of iOS.

Be careful though: If you are registered to beta test iOS 16, you will be well notified for each new minor version of iOS 16. But for iOS 17, you will have to download a new profile specific to this version once available. A profile is only valid for a major version of iOS. So we often end up with two different beta test profiles, one for each major version of iOS: iOS 15 and iOS 16, as seen in the image below.

iOS 15 and 16 Beta VersionsiOS 15 and 16 Beta Versions


What if no beta updates show up despite installing a beta test profile?

In general, everything works fine for these beta updates. But it may happen that a beta version is not offered after installing the profile.

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In this case, we invite you to double-check that the beta profile is correctly installed. For this, go to RSettings > General > VPN & Device Management and check the presence of the profile in the “Configuration profile” paragraph.

If the profile is not displayed despite being downloaded, force the “Settings” application to close and relaunch it.

Finally, the last solution is to retry the download and installation of a profile.

What if I no longer want to be a beta tester?

You can leave the public or developer beta testing program at any time, and in a very simple way. Just delete the beta tester profile installed on your machine:

How do I leave the iOS beta test program?

  • Go to the “Settings” app
  • Then in General > VPN and device management
  • Tap the beta test profile
iOS 16 Beta ProfileiOS 16 Beta Profile


  • Tap on “Remove Profile”
  • Enter your confidential code and confirm the operation by choosing “Delete”
Leave iOS beta test programLeave iOS beta test program


The device restarts to apply the changes.

To know : if you are testing different beta versions of iOS at the same time, then you have two different beta tester profiles installed on your machine. You must delete each of the two profiles as described above for Apple to completely stop offering you updates to beta versions of iOS.

Otherwise, be aware that if you leave the iOS beta test program, after restarting, your iPhone will still run under the latest beta version you tested. You’ll be able to grab the final classic releases thread when Apple releases a new iOS update for everyone.

Find more information on uninstalling a beta version at Apple.

There you go, you know all about iOS beta testing at Apple. Note that for iPadOS, the procedures described here are almost identical. For macOS, watchOS and tvOS, you can also use this database, the specifics depending on the type of platform used are not so numerous.

Finally, for a preview of what’s new in iOS 16new features that you can now test in iOS 16 beta, do not miss our list of all the changes brought by the update.

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