How to Invite Relationships to Follow Your LinkedIn Company Page?

How to Invite Relationships to Follow Your LinkedIn Company Page?

Does your Linkedin page have less than 100,000 subscribers? Have you received invitations to follow Linkedin pages and would like to do the same for your own page? Linkedin had deployed a feature before deactivating it in 2019. The good news is that it is active again in 2020. Do you also want to send invitations to your LinkedIn contacts to suggest that they follow your company page? Here’s how you can get your connections to follow your LinkedIn Company Page with just a few clicks.

This new feature was deployed by LinkedIn to boost the activity of company pages created on its professional social network, which in 2019 welcomes more than 303 million monthly active users.

The feature “invite connections to follow” a Linkedin page is back with a monthly quota!

Update of August 21, 2020

Re-discovered by chance, the functionality that we thought disabled ” invite relationships to follow »Is visible again on some Linkedin pages:

Here is an overview of the “invite connections to follow” block available in the administration interface of the linkedin pages and allowing to invite his relations to follow his Linkedin page

From now on, Linkedin offers a monthly quota of 100 invitations from its relations to follow a page: LinkedIn profiles with several thousand connections will therefore be favored over profiles with few connections.

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invite relations follow linkedin page
Invite your relations to follow a Linkedin page in 2020

The operation is designed to automatically re-credit with a credit if an invitation is accepted by the guest who then becomes a new follower of your linkedin page.

With this well thought out system, Linkedin indirectly encourages page managers to target the invitations they send. Indeed, by targeting correctly, the fixed quota of 100 invitations per month could be greatly exceeded.



Update of July 01, 2019 : the feature seems to have been disabled on all pages around the June 23, 2019. We do not know at this time whether it will ever return in the same form or in an improved form. Linkedin surely made this decision following the massive spam generated by the feature a few days after its launch.

How to send invitations to follow your page to all your LinkedIn contacts?

The manipulation is very simple but you will need two key elements:

  • Have administrative rights to the LinkedIn page you want to push
  • A computer (it is not currently possible to perform the manipulation from a smartphone and the LinkedIn application)
invite follow linkedin page
“Invite relationships”: the new feature of LinkedIn to invite contacts to follow your company page

To start manually invite your contacts to follow your LinkedIn page, all you have to do is:

  • Go to your company page in admin version (you must of course be logged in to your account)
  • Click on ” Administration tools “At the top right of the page then on” Invite relationships “In the” Broaden your audience “section
  • From there, all you have to do is select as many contacts as you want and then click on the blue button ” Invite relationships
  • A confirmation message is then displayed when the invitations have been sent, so all you have to do is wait to see if your follower count will increase!
send invitations follow linkedin page
Here is a preview of the screen that appears to invite relationships, just one click per contact to select it

What limits? Can we invite all our contacts with one click?

For my part, I tested inviting 300 people in a day and I was not limited by LinkedIn, so I imagine that by now you can send a very large number of invitations per day without being blocked.

If you do not want to manually check or select all your contacts by clicking on their profiles or by searching for them, there are surely Chrome extensions that can help you (the ones I tested did not work but I did not insist because I prefer to choose who I make the requests to not spam).

If there is no Chrome extension that can select all the checkboxes visible on Linkedin directly, you can however use extensions allowing you to configure macros for example.

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