How to know if a ford is valid? When does a ford expire?

How to know if a ford is valid? When does a ford expire?

The issue of permanent fords is always somewhat controversial, among other things because there is a lot brotherhood about. In its day we answered the question of whether it is legal to park in my own ford. As a result, many of you asked us for more information about this municipal permit. Today we are going to see how to know if a ford is valid and when does a ford expire.

Let’s start with the simplest: remember what a permanent ford is. Is about a license issued by the municipality that recognizes and reserves to the owner of the same the right of entry and exit of a certain access. It does so 24 hours a day, 365 days a year or, failing that, during a certain time slot that must appear reflected in the R-308 signal that represents it.

How to know if a ford is valid? When does a ford expire?

If there is no ford, we can be fined for stepping on the sidewalk, even to enter our own garage.

Paying religiously and annually a ford means the right to step on the sidewalk and cross it with the car without any vehicle or object blocking the entrance and exit. Namely, you pay to be able to enter and leave that home or premises. The aforementioned permanent ford does not recognize any property right over a section of sidewalk of the public highway.

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How to know if a ford is valid

The first thing you should do is look for a ford sign. This is mandatory for any natural or legal person that receives the authorization for a ford. In addition, it must be an approved sign, so it always has to meet minimum requirements. It is usual to find signal R-308 on the wall by the door.

The signal is joined by some occasions some yellow lines delimiting the place, although it depends on the regulations of the town hall. What is clear is that this signal, at a minimum:

  • It is made from 2mm sheet steel and is embedded with a 25mm circumference flange.
  • Contains city shields or lead seals.
  • It includes the license number, the title of the ford and the schedule for the reservation -or if it is permanent-.

How to know if a ford is valid? When does a ford expire?

The holder of a ford has been discharged or the license has been revoked, is obliged to remove the signs.

Sometimes it is included in the signal itself a sticker indicating the validity of the ford. If you find this sticker, you’re in luck, because I’m afraid it’s the only way to know if a ford is valid. The license holder must pay an annual fee for renewal. As a result, the permit lasts all year.

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The problem is that only the official on duty and the owner himself know if the fee has been religiously paid. An alternative to determine if a ford is in force is make the query before the corresponding department of the City Council. It is usually the department of mobility, urban planning or similar. It is not a quick procedure, but it is effective.

When does a ford expire?

As we have just seen, the ford expires every year. The average price of the renewal is about 70 euros. It is an amount that depends on each city council, so the figures are disparate. To find out the type of mandatory signage in each city, as well as who is responsible for its placement and removal, and within what timeframes, it is advisable to review the corresponding municipal ordinance.

It should be noted that the lack of signaling of the ford, the signaling of the same in a different way from that established by the ordinance or the signaling without having renewed the corresponding fee are reasons for disciplinary proceedings to the owner or owners of that space. The different ordinances can introduce nuances that, if omitted, will lead to a breach of the regulations.

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How to know if a ford is valid? When does a ford expire?

If you doubt the authenticity of the license, it is advisable to immediately notify the police. They will come to verify it. The fine for parking in a ford that is in force is 200 euros. In addition, the owner of the ford can call the tow truck or the police. If so, they will remove the vehicle -or whatever- from the corresponding section of sidewalk.

You should know that the Regulation states that parking is prohibited only if the “parked” vehicle, object, animal or person hinders normal access and exit from the garage. In other words, if you park and stay inside (or next to) the car, being able to move it in case someone wants to enter or leavenothing should happen.

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