how to maintain its activity thanks to digital?

Crise sanitaire : comment maintenir son activité économique grâce au numérique ?

With this second confinement, many companies and businesses find themselves unable to carry on their activity.

While this situation is worrying, it is nevertheless possible to find digital solutions to continue selling during this health crisis. It is also an opportunity to develop its activity over the long term while remaining visible and accessible to customers.

Be visible on search engines

Check that your business is present online by typing its name into a search engine: this can be a website, a Facebook page, a professional directory, etc. Creating a website remains the most effective way to make yourself visible, but it will be necessary to optimize it for web referencing by using a web agency.

Create a Google My Business listing

With Google My Business, the search engine gives you the ability to create a listing for your business. You will need to enter some information such as:

  • your address,
  • your hours,
  • your website,
  • your phone number
  • or your e-mail address.

If you already have a “My Business” file, do not forget to check that this information is present and correct. Any change must be updated, in particular with regard to reception and sales conditions (delivery, click-and-collect, take-out, etc.)

Why and how to use Google My Business for your local SEO?

Take advantage of the health crisis to create your showcase site

For those who do not have a budget, Google also gives the more daring the possibility of creating a mini-site for free thanks to Google Site. Although this solution has its limits in terms of design, ergonomics and functionality, it allows you to create a site with your information without needing to code.

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The search engine generates a URL for you with a domain name of “”, but if you buy the latter it is possible to customize the address of your website.

How to choose and reserve a domain name?

The site hosted by Google remains a priori a safe bet in terms of SEO (web referencing) insofar as they are generated by the search engine itself.
However, do not forget to work on the texts of the site according to relevant keywords related to your activity to make it visible.

Setting up this type of site, even free, can be time consuming and the result is not always there. If you have the possibility, it is better to favor a professional or an agency.

Beware of free solutions from and Wix which will not be as effective as Google tools in terms of visibility.

Keep in touch with your customers during the health crisis

On social media

In this time of health crisis, it is more essential than ever to stay in touch with your customers. Social networks are still a great way to keep them informed of your news, but also to interact with them.

So take the time to create and / or animate at least one Facebook page by sharing photos and videos.

How to build your strategy on social networks?

With Google My Business

Google My Business also gives you theopportunity to communicate with your customers on your news, your products or your prices thanks to:

  • a “Questions and Answers” ​​section allowing your customers to ask you about your products and services;
  • instant messaging available to Google users, it allows them to request a quote or make a reservation (useful for take-out). You will have to activate this button yourself and monitor the messages;
  • a comment section where Internet users leave opinions about your business to which you can give a response;
  • a news section where you can generate posts about your business. You can keep your customers informed about your new products and promotional offers.

How to build customer loyalty with Google My Business?

Develop distance selling

Depending on your equipment, your resources and your internet presence, several solutions are available to you:

  • Develop order pick-up : you can set up an online article reservation system via social network messaging or Google My Business. You can also offer the reservation by e-mail or SMS. The customer makes their reservation and you give them a withdrawal time. On site he collects his order and pays for it.
  • Sell ​​on a marketplace : some town halls and local authorities have set up local sales platforms, do not hesitate to inquire. The French site CDiscount has also opened its marketplace free of charge to all businesses in difficulty. This is the time to enjoy !
  • Create an e-commerce site : if you have a budget, you can invest in an e-commerce site to sell your products with a delivery system and secure online payment.

How to write specifications for an e-commerce site?

During the health crisis, get support

To avoid problems and wasted time, it is best to have professionals accompany you. To begin with, you can contact your Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) or your Chamber of Trades and Crafts (CMA) to take stock of your opportunities and start implementing solutions.

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Likewise, there are financial supports for digital transformation. More information on the France Num website with the AntheDesign agency who recently joined this organization!

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