How to make a boomerang on Instagram?

How to make a boomerang on Instagram?

The boomerang on Instagram is a video clip that plays continuously, forward, then backward. This is one of the most popular features among users of the image-sharing social network, as it gives the possibility of broadcasting small clips in a loop and creating more visual, even artistic contents. The tool is regularly improved with new options like slow motion or beautification filters. Adding an Instagram boomerang effect enriches the feeds with original, relevant and engaging publications. Well mastered, it represents an asset for digital communication and marketing.

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1 – Launch the main Instagram application

The Boomerang app, designed specifically to achieve the effect, no longer exists. On the other hand, the functionality remains accessible from the main application of Instagram, available on the Play Store and the App Store. The download is free. On first use, registration with an email address or Facebook account is required.

Open the Instagram app to create a boomerang

2 – Press the “+” and select “Story”

Creating a boomerang effect on Instagram starts with adding or saving a story with the “+” button at the top right of the application’s main page. During the first launch, Instagram must be authorized to access photos, multimedia and audio content as well as the location of the device.

Add a story to create a boomerang

3 – Save a story

After clicking on the “+”, the application automatically opens the directory of images and videos saved on the terminal. A second menu appears at the bottom of the screen and allows you to choose the creation of a story again. The camera launches and an options bar appears on the left. This incorporates a button representing an infinite symbol which corresponds to the boomerang effect. Pressing this button takes a quick series of shots with the phone’s front or back camera.

Save a story to create an Instagram boomerang

4 – Set up the video clip

Once the series of snapshots has been taken, two new menus appear on the screen. The bottom one has the different publishing options to share the content immediately. The top one is used to add effects and to configure the slideshow. Clicking on the infinity symbol gives access to a bar that allows you to cut the video to erase certain parts as well as to three settings:

  • Slow motion, represented by a counter button.
  • The duo, which performs a fast rewind of the video.
  • The echo, which gives a blurry effect to the shots.
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Set video clip to create Instagram boomerang

5 – Add effects and backgrounds

The top menu that appears after saving the snapshots also gives the possibility to add:

  • Formatted text, mentions, or geolocation.
  • Stickers.
  • Visual effects.

The additional menu represented by the three dots allows you to draw directly on the video clip. It also gives the possibility to save the content on the phone to publish it on other networks like WhatsApp or to resume its modification later.

Add effects and backdrops to create an Instagram boomerang

6 – Publish or share your Instagram boomerang

As soon as the Instagram boomerang is finished and personalized, the menu in the bottom bar allows you to share it directly:

  • In the Instagram and Facebook story.
  • To close friends and contacts.
  • By private message to one or more specific recipients.

How to make a boomerang with a video already made on Instagram?

1 – Find the video already made on Instagram

To make a boomerang with a video already made on Instagram, just click on “Story” from the menu at the top of the screen. When launching the camera, the button with the infinity symbol is available again. Then, a square at the bottom left gives the possibility of accessing the gallery of multimedia files. Please note that for the Instagram boomerang effect to work, it must be used on content previously saved in this format or converted.

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Find a video already made on Instagram

2 – Configure the boomerang and add visual effects

Once the video has loaded, the boomerang menu will appear at the top of the screen. The available effects are the same as when creating a new story. Photo filters can also be applied by simply swiping left. On the other hand, it is not possible to cut an existing clip to remove certain parts of it.

3 – Use the new options available for video

Adding the boomerang effect to a video already made on Instagram gives access to an additional setting: that of the sound. Since audio is not always suitable for the loop or rewind effect, clicking the volume icon will remove it. Then all that remains is to share the content or save it again to edit it later.

Instagram video sound option to create a boomerang

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