How to make a flowchart on PowerPoint in 7 steps?

How to make a flowchart on PowerPoint in 7 steps?

PowerPoint is an easy, fast and free way to create a business flowchart.

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1 – Create a flowchart from a template

After opening PowerPoint, start by clicking on the “File” tab, then on “New” to create a flowchart.

Using the search bar “Search templates and themes online”, type “organization chart”, then click on the magnifying glass icon or press “Enter”.

Select the desired organizational chart template.

After choosing the organization chart template, click on “Create”.

choosing the type of powerpoint flowchart

2 – Enter the desired text

The boxes of the chosen flowchart template can contain default text. Each company must replace this text with the name and function of its employees. To do this, you must click in each box of the flowchart, select the text to be modified and enter the desired text.

slide for powerpoint flowchart

3 – Customize the flowchart theme

It is possible to apply a different color and design scheme than the pre-selected one. To do this, simply click on the “Design” tab, then choose a theme from the theme gallery.

choice of powerpoint flowchart theme

4 – Modify the colors

The colors of the flowchart can be modified, whether at the level of boxes, lines or text.

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The first thing to do to change the colors of the flowchart is to select a variant on the “Design” tab.

choice of powerpoint flowchart colors

There is another way to change the color of the flowchart boxes: click on the “Format Shape” tab, and then click on each flowchart box and then on “Fill” in the “Shape Style” group .

To change the text color, click on “Text Fill” in the “WordArt Styles” group.

To change the color of the flowchart lines, just click on each line, then choose the desired color:

  • in the “Shape Styles” group;
  • on the “Shape Format” pane located on the right of the screen after clicking on the small icon next to “Shape Styles”.

choosing the style of the powerpoint flowchart

5 – Change the shape of the chart boxes

To modify the shape of the boxes of the organization chart, it’s very simple: just click on the boxes, then display the “Modify the shape” menu to select the desired shape.

The “Shape Format” pane allows you to modify the effects of the shape of the boxes using the following options: shadow, reflection, glow, faded edge, 3D format and 3D rotation.

choice of powerpoint flowchart boxes

There is another way to change the shape of the boxes in the flowchart: click on the text of the boxes, right-click, then select the “Convert to SmartArt Graphic” menu.

detail of the choice of the boxes of the powerpoint flowchart

6 – Format the background

To change the background of the flowchart, click on “Design”, then on “Format background” in the “Customize” group.

Once opened, the “Format Background” pane offers different fill options for the background: solid fill, gradient fill, fill with image, text or pattern fills. It is also possible to customize the color and transparency.

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choice of powerpoint flowchart background

7 – Save the organization chart

When the organization chart is finalized, it can be saved in different file formats: in PPT or PPTX, but also as an image in PNG, JPEG, PDF, TIF, WMF, EMF, BMP or SVG format. The most common formats will be in PPT to keep an editable file and in PDF for internal and external distribution to the company.

First, click on “File”, then on “Save as”.

Then click on “Browse”.

save powerpoint flowchart

In the “Save As” window, click on the “Type” drop-down menu and choose the desired file format.

After selecting the file format, click on “Save”.

Make a flowchart from SmartArt

On PowerPoint, there is another way to create a flowchart: using SmartArt. Here are the steps to create a flowchart from this option.

Click on the “Insert” tab, then on “SmartArt” in the Illustrations group.

The “Choose a SmartArt graphic” gallery opens. You must then click on “Hierarchy”.

powerpoint flowchart with smartart

Different organizational chart templates are available. Choose the desired layout, then click OK.

Once the organizational chart has been created, it is time to fill it in with the names of the collaborators and their functions. To add text to the flowchart, there are two possibilities. Text can be entered in the “Type text here” pane to the left of the flowchart or directly in the flowchart boxes.

It is possible to modify the structure of the organization chart by adding shapes to integrate additional collaborators. First, click on the existing shape closest to the desired location to add new shapes. Then, right-click, then in the “Add a shape” drop-down list, select the layout of the shapes. The “Add Shape” drop-down list is also found in the “Create Graphic” group of the “SmartArt Design” tab.

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powerpoint smartart flowchart example

Now that the new shapes are added to the org chart, all that remains is to add the names and positions of the additional collaborators.

The flowchart can be customized through the use of the “SmartArt Design” and “Layout” tabs shown in red. The “SmartArt Design” tab allows you to change the layout, colors and style of the flowchart. With the “Format” tab, it is possible to modify the format of shapes and text.

To change the flowchart layout, go to the “SmartArt Design” tab and select the desired layout from the “Layouts” group.

To customize the color of the flowchart, click on “Edit colors”, then choose the desired colors.

powerpoint smartart flowchart formatting

To change the flowchart style, select the desired style in the “SmartArt Styles” group.

To change the format of shapes and text, go to the “Formatting” tab, then click on a shape and select the desired style, fill, outline and effect from the “Shape Styles” groups and “WordArt Styles”.

Once the model is finalized, the registration step will be done in the same way as discussed in step 7.

To go further, take a look at our selection of free Powerpoint templates and download these free friezes and flowcharts templates.Models of friezes and flowcharts

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