How to make a photo album of your vacation easily?

How to make a photo album of your vacation easily?

For the sake of transparency, I inform you that this article was produced in partnership with Photobox.

Holidays are wonderful moments of relaxation that can be enjoyed alone, with family or friends. It is also an opportunity for trips to discover new and bewitching landscapes. Obviously, you couldn’t help but take pictures not knowing what to do with them. These poses deserve to be immortalized with a holiday photo album. But how to do it easily?

Follow my advice to create the best memories of your vacation!

Start by choosing the right vacation photos

You’ve probably taken a slew of photos that unfortunately won’t all fit in your album. To do this, start by sorting in order to retain only the best catches. Eliminate duplicate photos and missed shots. The quality of your album depends on it.

Easily create your holiday photo album

Creating an unforgettable photo album from your last vacation is much easier than it looks. With this in mind, you can count on the magic of the internet! Many specialized sites allow in a few simple and easy steps to immortalize your most beautiful holiday memories: for example, you can create a personalized photo album on the Photobox website from your different pictures.

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Enjoy a simplified creation process

Once you’ve sorted through your multiple vacation photos, you can now move on to designing your photo album. To do this, you just have to go to the creation site of your choice. These online platforms generally offer a simple and ergonomic design application or studio which allow you to make your album in complete autonomy. You can do it from the medium of your choice: smartphone, PC or tablet.

When you import your photos, the creation tool can automatically suggest different compositions for your album.

Which photo album to choose?

There are many things to consider when choosing your photo album. This is particularly the case with the type of cover, binding and paper. On the cover side, you will have the choice between a soft or hard cover. The latter increases its lifespan, while the soft cover makes it easy to turn the pages.

As for the binding, you have the standard option which is similar to that of a paperback book, and the spiral binding. The latter is more practical and simplifies the lamination thanks to the presence of metal rings.

Finally, for the type of paper, it is recommended to opt for those that present heavy weight : they are indeed the most resistant. You can also use a glossy varnish finish to add shine to the pages.

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Personalize your photo album from start to finish

You can also choose to let your imagination run wild and work on every aspect of your album. At the end of the creation process, you will have the certainty of having a photo album that looks like you 🙂

Choose a theme suitable for your album

For the choice of the theme, opt for vacation or travel. It will be perfect to dress up your album. Here again, multiple options will be offered. Pick the ones that appeal to you and that best match the vacation photos you’ve selected. It is also at this stage that the choice of the background color must be made.

Customize your album cover

The album cover is in fact the only exterior element of your album. So think about personalizing it from start to finish so that it meets your expectations. For example, you can choose a photo that is quite evocative of the holidays as a cover, such as a road or a path.

The cover is also the perfect place to give your album a title. To this end, you can count on the multiple customization options available to you: choice of size, color and font.

Optimizes the layout

Layout refers to the arrangement of photos. You have the possibility choose an album that offers only one photo per page. This way, no special layout effort will be required. However, you can always use auto-suggest if you’re not a layout expert.

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Adapt the format

The choice of format is also important. Two options are available to you: portrait format and landscape format. The first is indicated for vertical shots. As for the second, it is perfect for panoramic photos like those of a landscape.

sunset at zabriskie point in death valley

So, ready to make a wonderful photo album of your vacation?

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