How to make a press kit?

How to make a press kit?

Although the press kit is a valuable communication tool in a PR strategy, few companies really master its design. So much so that each year, many files are thrown away by journalists without even having been read. To avoid this pitfall, here is a focus on the 4 main steps to follow to write an eye-catching and effective press kit.

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Press kit vs. Press release

A distinction should be made between the press release and the press kit. If the first is a very short document (1 to 2 pages), conveying a targeted message around a one-off event, the second is a real “background file” on the company. It provides in-depth information on its origin, its missions, its successes, its values. If necessary, he can also present in detail an important event. On average, it often has 7 to 8 pages.

Getting the media’s attention with such a long document is quite an art: a solid preparatory step is necessary to obtain maximum coverage in the press. You also have to find a good catchphrase, structure the content well and take care of the distribution phase, all of which we have detailed below.

Preparatory stage

While this step is quite time-consuming, it is nonetheless essential for writing an effective press kit. In practice, this phase is mainly devoted to:

1 – TO the reflection

  • Define the objectives of the file (what is the expected impact in the event of press coverage? Generate more leads? Attract the attention of potential investors?)
  • Choose the appropriate information to convey depending on the orientation chosen.

2 – Finding contacts

  • Select the media that might be genuinely interested. For a local project, for example, it is better to turn to the regional press than the national one.
  • Find the names of the journalists responsible for the business sector of the company. This is important, because a press kit sent by name is much more likely to bear fruit!
  • It is also possible to target specialized bloggers or influencers.

Careful attachment of the press kit

To capture the attention of journalists from the start and persuade them to read the press kit, it is necessary to write:

  • a short but powerful title, highlighting the project or the company;
  • a presentation of a few lines, summarizing the key elements of the press kit. In particular, it must indicate where, when and by whom the company was created, its missions and its objectives. If applicable, the nature of the project.
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Particular care should also be taken with the cover page, which should include at least:

  • the mention “press kit”;
  • the title of the file;
  • the company logo;
  • the name of the company;
  • the name and date of the possible project;
  • an attractive image reflecting the company or event.

Well structured and airy content

By nature, the press kit must be attractive, clear, relevant, precise: it is indeed a showcase of the company and it must make journalists want to consult its content and, of course. , to relay it in their media. Not only visually pleasing, the press kit must therefore stand out for the quality of its writing.

The writing process should begin with developing a logical and structured plan. The backbone of the press kit, this plan will be included in the summary in order to facilitate access to the desired information.

Regarding the body of the press kit, there is no real “standard content”, each file being unique, depending on the needs of the company. Whatever information to transmit, it is advisable to articulate it in the form of separate paragraphs, for example:

  • Company history ;
  • Word from the founder of the company;
  • Presentation of the company in its current configuration;
  • Key figures: number of sites, number of employees, growth, prospects, etc.
  • Presentation of the main products / services;
  • Main customers and partners;
  • Values ​​advocated by the company;
  • Distinctive characteristics and strengths vis-à-vis the competition;
  • Contact page mentioning the contact details of the company and the person in charge of press relations.
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Of course, if the design of the file is linked to an event (eg: opening of a new store), it is also necessary to devote a few lines to it.

The visual elements, it should be remembered, are important and must graphically support the purpose of the press kit. It can even be videos in the case of files transferred in PDF format.

Appropriate distribution of the press kit

When to send a press kit? It all depends on the circumstances. In practice, this document can be sent:

  • immediately to a journalist, if the journalist has shown interest in the company during a trade fair, for example;
  • the creation of the company, to make it known to customers and investors;
  • Fifteen days before an important event. In this case, it is better to send a press release at the same time: this will grab the attention of the journalist, who can then look for more information in the press kit.

To optimize distribution, it is also recommended to:

  • favor the PDF format for sending by email;
  • include if possible a sample or a small gift in the consignments by traditional mail;
  • create a press area on the company’s website. Journalists and influencers will thus be able to download the file directly.

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