How to Make Fried Beans, the Party Beans of Northern Mexico

Los frijoles puercos suelen estar hechos con frijoles bayos cocidos, machacados y refritos.

Pork beans are a very popular dish in northern Mexico, especially in the states of Sinaloa and Chihuahua. Although they are also usually prepared in Sonora, Colima, Guanajuato, Guerrero and Michoacán. It is a very simple preparation with great flavor.

These beans are usually present at the table of Sinaloan celebrations, from baptisms, first communion, weddings and even Christmas. Pork beans, barbecue, and cold pasta or soup are a classic party dish, both in the city and in the villages. They are also served as a snack to eat with toast or tortilla chips.

The name of the pork beans does not refer to a dirty characteristicbut to the ingredients of the preparation: beans and products that come from the pig or “pork”.

Pork beans are usually made with cooked bay beans, mashed and refried with lard, bacon and chorizo. But they can also include other ingredients such as olives, sausage, ham and pieces of pork rinds, depending on the region where they are made.

Some variants contain Chihuahua cheese and pickled jalapeño peppers, according to the Larousse dictionary of Mexican gastronomy. Some places may add a different variety of chiles, such as serrano, dried, pasilla, or guajillo chiles.

Pork Beans Recipe

(For 4 portions)

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-1/2 kilo of cooked bay beans.
-50 grams of lard. You can substitute another fat such as butter or vegetable oil.
-200 grams of Chihuahua cheese. If you can’t find Mexican cheese, you can also opt for Monterey Jack or another melty cheese.
-100 grams of bacon.
-100 grams of sausage.
-1 serrano or jalapeño pepper in vinegar.
-Salt to taste.
-Totopos or tortilla chips to serve.


Cook the chorizo ​​and bacon in a skillet. When they are well cooked and golden, add the beans and mash them until they are pureed. Optionally, you can blend them before adding them.

Once the beans boil, add the grated cheese and chopped chilies. She stirs, until the cheese begins to melt.

Add the lard or other fat and lower the heat. Stir periodically to prevent the beans from sticking and cook for about 5 minutes.

The pork beans are ready to be served.

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