How to Make Mashed Potatoes Quick and Easy

How to Make Mashed Potatoes Quick and Easy

It is not recommended to pierce the skin of the potatoes before microwave cooking, so they retain more steam

Microwaving potatoes is practical, saves time plus they keep their flavor concentrated. We will teach you how to prepare two versions of smooth and delicious puree.

When cooking potatoes piercing the skin is not recommended, thus more steam is retained inside the potato, allowing a faster cooking.

Your parents they will not dry out, nor do you need to add water. 80% of a fresh potato is water. When microwave cooking, water turns into steam, creating a moist and contained cooking environment.

When you cook potatoes in the microwave, try to select potatoes with a similar size so they have even cooking.

Microwave mashed potato recipe


(4 portions)

4 potatoes (5-6 oz.)

Option 1:

  • 150g diced butter
  • 150 ml of warm milk
  • salt and pepper to taste

Option 2:

  • ½ cup plain yogurt
  • ½ cup low-fat milk
  • 1½ tablespoons butter spread
  • salt and pepper to taste


Place the whole potatoes in a microwave-safe container and cover. If you cover with plastic, make a small hole.

Program between 10 to 12 minutes at high power. Carefully remove the lid from the heat and steam.

Crush the potatoes with a masher. Peeling them is optional.

Option 1:

Gradually add the butter in cubes; mixture.

When you have part of the butter integrated, add part of the hot milk, stir, and incorporate the rest of the butter. Hot milk helps to better integrate butter.

Season and finish integrating the ingredients with a spatula.

Option 2:

Add the plain yogurt, milk, butter, salt and pepper.


If we want a light and creamy puree, it is advisable to use hand tools as a mash or masher so as not to break the starch.

Excessive processing such as that of electric mixers could cause a elastic and lumpy mash.

If you have no choice but to use a mixer, then handle the low speed and avoid blade accessories, you can do it with riding rods.

Add the butter correctly. If you don’t use soft butter or hot milk. Do not add the cold butter, heat it in the microwave and mix well before adding it to the mash, so you will have a creamier and more homogeneous texture.

You can add other ingredients at the end that increase the flavor of your mash, such as qgrated parmesan cheese, chives or nutmeg.


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