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Comment rentabiliser son blog ?

Owning a blog or a site will give you the opportunity to develop your business. Whether you are a beginner or savvy on the net, you will have the ability to grow your readership and monetize your online presence. For that, it will be necessary to put in place concrete and profitable actions.

How to make your blog profitable? This is what we will discover together today in this post.

Work with Google Adsense to make your blog profitable

This is the easiest way to make your blog profitable. Indeed, it will only take a few minutes to configure Google Adsense on your site. To do this, you can go to the Google Ads site and complete the registration form. You will then receive a key to implement in the code of your site. It will be enough to wait a few days for Google to recognize the blog and install its ads there. If you work on WordPress, it’s even easier! Indeed, Google’s Site Kit plug-in takes care of everything, even the placement of advertising on the blog.

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One of the advantages of Google Ads is the choice of automatic advertising themes. The search engine program will send its robots to your site to analyze its content. Then, they will automatically sort the ads offered to leave only those that correspond to your niche. An exceptional time saving.

Finally, Google Adsense constitutes at least 30% of the monthly income of bloggers with good traffic. Remuneration is based on the audience and the click-through rate per ad: the more visits and clicks you have on your ads, the more money you will earn. A simple way that can be a good starting point to make your blog profitable.

Sell ​​your site’s ad placements

If you don’t want to go through Google Adsense, there are other ways to make your blog profitable. Indeed, the sites that Google Ads could have used being free, nothing prevents you from renting them and then becoming an advertiser. Providing advertising space on your site can quickly save you a lot of money. But in order to be able to make these advertising spaces available, we will have to act in stages.

As a first step, you will need to place ads on your site. Some WordPress plug-ins, if you use this CMS, will offer you the possibility of doing this easily. Among the most popular advertising plugins of the moment, we have among others:

  • Ad Inserter
  • Ad Rotate
  • Ads Pro Plugin
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You can then, via your “about” page, offer your advertising space for rent. In the insert dedicated to your advertiser activity, you will need to inform prospects of the prices applied to advertising spaces. Also, it will be good to mention the number of unique readers visiting your site each year. These data will aim to inform and reassure the future tenant.

To win large sums, you will have to be dynamic and proactive. You will need to quickly contact the targeted brands, they will increase your visibility. If the site traffic is strong, you can also offer free advertising space for a few weeks. The customer will then be able to see the real usefulness of his ads on your blog.

Making your blog profitable also means selling your products

As a famous advertisement from the 1970s proclaimed: when you don’t have oil, you have ideas. One of the easiest solutions is to sell your digital products. Indeed, you can offer your customers e-books or sales training programs on your site. This digital format can be quickly designed. You will then need to install a payment link by PayPal or any other secure payment site to complete the transaction.

The e-book should be exclusive, relevant and informative to gain the trust of your readership. When writing your e-book, be sure to follow simple rules such as giving each sentence different information. Readers should find the data they are looking for without having to get lost in paraphrases. You can also offer monthly video training subscriptions to your customers.

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Attempt affiliation

Finally, it will be possible to set up an affiliate system to make your blog profitable. Here, a contract is established between the two parties so that the affiliate offers the services of his partner on his web space. For each visit, sales or subscription to the partner site’s newsletter, the affiliate receives a percentage. In all, it is a little more than a hundred euros per month that it will be possible to earn by this means.

For this association to be really effective, it is important that the partner chooses to offer products related to the theme of the blog.

In summary, to make your blog profitable, you will have several means at your disposal. Whether you go through Google Adsense, by selling products, advertising space or by affiliation, all means are good to try to make your blog as profitable as possible. If the reading community that follows you is regular, you will benefit from more substantial income which will give you the means to grow your business online. Indeed, if your site is flourishing, it will be possible to offer you the services of a web marketing agency to further improve the visibility of your blog.

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