How to mine cryptocurrencies in Crazy Pool: the pool that distributes prizes among its miners

cryptocurrency mining in crazypool

From the first pool, founded in 2010, to the present day, these cryptocurrency mining conglomerates have been evolving in order to offer their users the best possible experience. Among the best options to mine cryptocurrencies is Crazy Pool.

Crazy Pool is a mining pool that offers its users the possibility of mining cryptocurrencies such as ether (ETH) from the Ethereum network, ETC from the Ethereum Classic network and UBQ from the Ubiq network. According to the mining statistics website Mining Pool Statsthis pool is in the top 30 among Ethereum miners with a hash rate (hash rate) of 2.17 TH/s. As for Ethereum Classic and Ubiq, Crazy Pool ranks 12th and 10th on the list, respectively.

Regarding its profitability, Crazy Pool has been placed in the top 3 8 times during the last 11 months, according to Mining Pools Profits. In this period of time, she has led the ranking for profitability 5 times.

One advantage that Crazy Pool offers Latin American miners over other pools is that it has servers in the United States and Brazil, which allows it to offer an efficient service to users in North and South America.

cryptocurrency mining in crazypool
This is what the Crazypool website looks like, where you can select the pool of the cryptocurrency you want to mine. Source: Crazy Pool

As to the commission for mining in Crazy Pool, this is 1% of the miner’s earnings, regardless of the cryptocurrency you mine. The proceeds from this commission are used to pay for the maintenance of the pool, the salary of its developers and part of it returns to the hands of the miners through a lottery sponsored by the pool.

Crazy Pool has a lottery for its miners known as Jackpot, which in Spanish means jackpot. This pot is filled with part of what is mined in the pool (9% of what the pool collects in commissions to its users) and every 10 minutes select a winning miner that meets the following conditions: at least 8 hours mining daily for the last 10 days and have sent at least 1 Compartir in the last 15 minutes.

What do I need to mine cryptocurrencies in Crazy Pool?

Setting clear expectations

If you are just starting out in cryptocurrency mining, it is important that you evaluate certain aspects well before investing time and money in this activity. On the other hand, if you already have experience in the mining niche, it is also worth considering some crucial values ​​of the area from time to time.

The profitability offered by the mining of each cryptocurrency is an essential aspect to take into account. There are websites that make this task much easier for you, such as Mining Pools Profits, WhatToMine, MinerStat Y CryptoCompare. These portals have tools that allow you to evaluate daily earnings that you could get mining with different types of hardware and with particular characteristics, such as the cost of electricity.

mining hardware

The mining of ETH, ETC and UBQ, offered by Crazy Pool, are mostly carried out with graphics cards (GPU) that are usually grouped in a single computer to mine with more force; This is known as a mining rig. There are also ASIC devices that have been developed to mine this type of cryptocurrency, such as Bitmain’s Antminer E9.

If you already have mining rigs or at least have a GPU in your computer with the ability to mine ETH, ETC or UBQ, it’s just a matter of choosing the most profitable and convenient cryptocurrency. If you are going to buy mining hardware, in CriptoNoticias there are articles that can help you choose the best option that fits your budget and expectations.

gpu cryptocurrency mining
GPUs are the preferred type of hardware for Ethereum miners. Source: hodim/

mining software

To mine cryptocurrencies it is necessary to have software that allows your computer or your rig to connect to the network and be able to work on it. There is a wide variety of programs of this type and Crazy Pool is compatible with several of them, such as: PhoenixMiner, ethMiner, SBminer, Gminer and NBminer, among others.

How to mine cryptocurrencies in Crazy Pool: the pool that distributes prizes among its miners
Programs like MSI’s Afterburner allow you to modify aspects such as the processing speed
and GPU memory in a mining rig. Source: M: YES

It is convenient have programs that allow improving the performance of the rig, as well as monitoring its operation directly. The action of modifying certain values ​​of the mining hardware to enhance its efficiency is known as overclock. One of the most used software for this purpose is the afterburner from MSI, but there are others such as GPUZ, Nvidia Inspector, GPU Tweak from ASUS, etc. However, many mining software include options to improve and monitor rig performance.

How to mine cryptocurrencies in Crazy Pool?

Regardless of the cryptocurrency you are going to mine, Trading at Crazy Pool is extremely simple. It’s just a matter of configuring your mining software to work on the pool.

For it, you should look for a file with the ending “.bat” in the miner software folder, which is the one that starts mining. Then, you right click on it and select the “edit” option which will open a notepad with the programming code of the miner.

Crazy Pool displays on its website all the information that you will add or modify in the file. You can do this procedure by altering each value manually or simply by eliminating what it said and pasting the data indicated by Crazy Pool; since there are models on the website to complete this step.

Do not forget to select and add the server information that gives you the best results when mining (usually the one closest to where you have your miners) to the text in the appropriate place. This varies depending on the software you use.

How to mine cryptocurrencies in Crazy Pool: the pool that distributes prizes among its miners
This is what the PhoenixMiner software configuration looks like to mine ETH in Crazy Pool. The wallet address and rig name do not have parentheses. Source: CriptoNoticias.

In addition, you will have to add the address of your wallet where you will receive your payments and the name of your rigwhich corresponds to the username that your PC has.

If you are very cautious, you may prefer to make a backup of the miner with its original text and then modify it with the Crazy Pool data. Don’t forget to save your changes, like you do with any text document. Now all you have to do is double click on the program to start it and you will be mining in Crazy Pool.

Unlike other mining pools, Crazy Pool does not ask you to register on its website with any personal details, since one of its priorities is to respect the privacy of its users.

How to set up payments for mining in Crazy Pool?

Crazy Pool offers the possibility of configuring the frequency with which you want to receive your payments based on what you earn from mining. For those who mine the Ethereum network, for example, the minimum amount they can withdraw is 0.01 ETH and the maximum is 10 ETH. To this is added the commission that you would pay for the transaction.

At CriptoNoticias we have a tool that can be useful for you to calculate how much you should pay in Bitcoin and Ethereum commissions depending on the urgency of the payment and how busy the network is.

Payments are processed every 10 minutes, however, only those who have mined the amount they established in the payment configuration together with the corresponding commission are made. Keep in mind that the lower the amount you set, the more frequently you will receive your payments from the pool.

However, you will also spend more on commissions, so try to find a balance in this aspect so that your earnings are not affected by it.

It should be noted that Crazy Pool uses a payment method called DPPLNS (Dynamic Pay-Per-Last-N-Shares). This method is very similar to PPLNS, where the miner is paid according to his contribution to the pool considering the percentage of shares he achieved, in relation to the total obtained by the pool. In the case of DPPLNS, a mechanism is added that dynamically varies the number of blocks that will be taken into account when calculating the payment.


Mining cryptocurrencies like ETH, ETC and UBQ in Crazy Pool is really easy. There are no KYC procedures, so your identity and privacy are safe. In addition to this, your miners have the possibility of earning an extra bonus if luck favors them with the Jackpot; a very interesting idea to stimulate perseverance in its workers.

Keep in mind that if you usually do pool waiting, a practice that consists of changing (constantly) mining pools according to the profitability that each one offers at a given moment, then it will not be convenient for you to mine in Crazy Pool. This is because their DPPLNS payment method is designed to discourage such strategies.

If you have any other questions about how to mine in Crazy Pool, you can contact them through their email address [email protected] or through their social networks:

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