How to optimize a YouTube description? 6 tips for success

How to optimize a YouTube description? 6 tips for success

With more than 46 million active users each month in France, YouTube is one of the most relevant digital platforms to use to communicate. But far from the functioning of other social networks, YouTube is also a search engine for which it is possible to optimize the referencing of videos.

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In this article, learn how the description of videos on YouTube works and how to optimize it with 6 tips.

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How do I add a YouTube description?

1 – Connect to YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is the platform for content creators on YouTube. This tool allows you to manage a channel, from uploading videos to viewing statistics.

To be able to add a YouTube description to a video, you must first connect to YouTube Studio by clicking on your profile icon then in the drop-down menu click on “YouTube Studio”

YouTube Studio

2 – Upload your video

Once connected to YouTube Studio, you must download the video to upload it to the platform. This action can be done by clicking on the “+ create” icon in the menu at the top right of the screen (or in the center of the menu at the bottom of the screen in mobile version.)

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Upload the video to YouTube Studio

3 – Add the title

Once the video has been downloaded, add the meta descriptions that will allow YouTube to reference it among the content already online. To start, you have to write the title of the video. YouTube provides 100 characters.

Add YouTube title

4 – Write the description

Once the title is done, you have to write the YouTube description. For this, YouTube allows texts of 5000 characters maximum.

In the text of the description, it is possible to add internet links and information such as time stamps, licenses and authors.

Write the YouTube description

5 – Add tags

Tags are keywords, they allow YouTube to better understand the theme of the video. For users, tags are used to find other content similar to the one they just viewed. This step is not mandatory, but it is advisable to add tags to the description to help the algorithm to reference the video.

Screenshot 2021-12-07 at 17.31.29

It is also possible to add tags by entering hashtags in the title and description of the video.

6 tips for writing an optimized YouTube video description

1 – Define the keywords that facilitate research

Perceived as an entertainment platform, YouTube is actually the second largest search engine in the world, after Google. Like any search engine, the platform therefore has a logic of referencing and keywords.

To optimize the description of a YouTube video, you must therefore focus on the keywords that can facilitate its research. Two free tools can be used to find keyword ideas: Google Trends and Google Ads Keyword Planner.

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2 – Describe the content of the video

It should be borne in mind that the YouTube description is there to enrich the reading of the video. It must above all describe the content that the Internet user is about to view. The description must therefore be convincing and create envy.

It is therefore important to use natural language rather than opting for overly optimized writing stuffed with keywords. Adapting the vocabulary to the audience can also be an optimization lever, both for the SEO of the video and for the engagement.

3 – Optimize the parts before and after “read more”

The YouTube description is split into two parts: two lines visible to all and a part which is displayed only if the user clicks on “read more”.

The first two lines are the most important, as they appear in the meta description of the video. The algorithm also seems to pay them more attention for SEO. It is therefore relevant to start the sentence with a keyword and to use attractive words that make you want to click on the video such as “How to”, “Step by step guide”, “Best technique for”.

The second part of the YouTube description should serve to enrich the content of the video. Here we must therefore think:

  • to add links so that Internet users can complete their knowledge by consulting sources;
  • add a description of the channel so that Internet users can find out more about it and view other videos;
  • to add links so that Internet users can be redirected to other communication media (social networks, website).

4 – Add a timestamp

The timestamp is a feature that enriches the YouTube description. The principle is simple: the timestamp presents the video content in chronological form. The Internet user can then easily find his way around and go see (or review) the parts of the video that interest him the most.

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This feature adds value to the YouTube description. However, it only applies to videos that have organized content.

5 – Use hashtags

Hashtags can be inserted in both titles and descriptions of YouTube videos. When placed in the title, they are clickable and allow viewers to access other videos that mention these hashtags. However, they do not appear in the description of the video.

Hashtags can then play on the SEO of the video, but they also help Internet users find content. They are particularly useful when the content deals with upcoming events or hot topics.

6 – Check the relevance of the description via YouTube Analytics

The description of YouTube videos can be changed at any time. You can check the effectiveness of a description by looking at YouTube Studio statistics. To access these statistics, you must click on “Analytics data” in the side menu, then click on “see more” at the bottom of the page.

YouTube Analytics

Once on the analytical data screen, select “traffic source” then “search YouTube”.

YouTube Statistics

Thanks to these statistics, it is possible to know the keywords that bring traffic to the video, but also other relevant keywords to optimize the description.

This article has just presented how to add and optimize a YouTube description with 6 tips related to the SEO system on the platform.

Optimizing the description of videos is an important part of developing a YouTube channel. But other actions can be taken to gain more sight.

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