How to optimize your SEO?

Comment optimiser son SEO ? Comment booster votre visibilité sur Google ?

For a website to be profitable, it is essential that Internet users find it easily.

SEO is a essential marketing tool to optimize the referencing of websites on search engines.

SEO or the importance of choosing the right content for a website

Each web page is subject to a full scan of its content by robots. The purpose of these scans, carried out by search engines, is to define the theme and relevance of a web page.

To be able to appear at the top of google searches, you must define the typical profile of the people you want to attract. This involves responding to the problems that your prospects might encounter, and imagining the words they will type in the search engine to find solutions, taking into account any French mistakes or abbreviations they could write frequently.

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Optimizing SEO: Using Keywords to Create Traffic

Keywords are expressions that an Internet user will use to type his query in a search bar. The main keyword of your article should be as close as possible to frequent searches made by your prospects. Then come the relevant derivatives of the main keyword.

For example, if you sell televisions, your main keyword will be “Television”, then you will insert keywords like “HD television”, “Plasma television”, “Cheap television”, etc. in your content.

The strategic choice of keyword placement

There are particularly good places to put keywords on web pages. It’s the case H1 and H2 titles, and first paragraphs of an article. The H1 is the main title of the article, and the H2 are the subheads that structure the article.

The hat, or the introduction, is also a place to look at if you want your site to be considered relevant by Google.
At the end of the article, the ideal place to place a keyword is on a link that takes the prospect to another page.

Fresh information for good natural referencing and optimizing SEO

The content of a website must be regularly enriched. It is imperative to continually write new items so that Google continues to analyze the pages of your website, and places it among its best suggestions.

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The structure of the site is also a tool for measuring SEO

Google robots inspect the loading speed of each page, and the site compatibility with the different platforms used (smartphones, tablets, etc.). They also check security certificates (SSL). The user experience on your site must be pleasant to earn the top of Google pages.

Installation of an SSL certificate for your website

Optimizing your SEO is also: external links

The popularity of your website on other web pages that address your topics will cause Google to consider that you are of interest to its users. So make people talk about you on other platforms!

The meta description to encourage clicking on your page

The meta description must be short and attractive. No need to put keywords there, but it should make you want to visit your web page. This is the short description that will appear below your website address in Google search results. It is still taken into account in Google’s algorithms to refine Internet user searches.

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