How to position yourself in SEO in Paris?

Comment se positionner en SEO à Paris

An e-commerce site

E-commerce sites must imperatively take the SEO dimension into account. In effect, web platforms that do not meet Google criteria tend to be penalized. And when a site is not well referenced, this inevitably influences consumer behavior and therefore sales. By positioning themselves correctly in SEO in Paris, e-commerce sites generate more traffic, optimize their conversions to acquire more customers and, ultimately, an order book provided.

A bar-restaurant

More and more people are doing research online before going to a restaurant for lunch/dinner or a drink in a bar. As a result, this type of business has every interest in being well referenced in Paris, especially since the competition is tough. Some catering establishments capitalize on their brand universe, their history, introduce their dishes through photos, videos, publish their menus on social networks… The idea is also to make the contact details of the bar or restaurant easily accessible. so that potential customers can obtain the information they are looking for in just a few seconds.

A physical shop/store

Physical stores also have every interest in taking care of their SEO in Paris and in the suburbs. You may have the prettiest shop in the capital, but if no one knows about it, it won’t bring you much. It’s necessary take care of your identity data on the websuch as the name of your point of sale, its postal address, your opening hours, add visuals and, if possible, personalized content (description of services, practical information, customer reviews, etc.) in order to increase the confidence of consumers.

A company

Agri-food, banking, insurance, construction, printing, automotive… There are so many sectors of activity in Paris that it is difficult for companies to stand out and attract the attention of Internet users. To optimize your web content, the ideal is that the textual elements are of excellent quality, interesting and that the website is attractive. We seek to convince potential customers and to establish a relationship of trust with them.

A doctor’s office

Even health professionals can work on their web content to benefit from optimal positioning on Google or an alternative search engine. For them, the challenge is to respond to a localized request, for example: dentist Paris, pharmacy Paris, general practitioner Paris… and thus facilitate searches for Internet users.

Who is looking for you on Google in Paris?

To position yourself well in SEO in Paris, you must define your target with a persona. The goal is to know your customers (professionals and/or individuals), to understand how they work, think, react, as well as their needs. Thanks to this, you will be able to respond precisely to their search intentions, reduce the bounce rate, write adapted content and increase the number of page views.
To define the typical identity of your marketing persona in Paris, you must be able to answer various questions: what is his age group? His socio-professional category? His areas of interest? Its geographical location? Then you have to define the expectations of your target and its problems in order to subtly suggest your product or service as a relevant solution. Note that the profile of your personas is not fixed. It is necessary to redefine their identity regularly to stay in tune with their needs.

Where are your customers located in Paris?

Paris is vast and has 1,000 faces. The capital is the most populous city in France and is divided into 20 boroughs to very heterogeneous inhabitants (differences in culture, population density, leisure, habits, languages, etc.). To improve your natural referencing in Paris, you must therefore know where your customers are precisely.

Target your customers by district in Paris

To do this, the ideal is to target them by district by positioning yourself for example on the following queries: “hairdresser Paris 1st”, “beautician Paris 14”, “Japanese restaurant Paris 3″… This geo-targeting will allow you to establish a more relevant brand strategy, while guaranteeing you a saving of resources. It should be noted that some Internet users also carry out searches according to metro stations: Paris Convention bakery, Paris Oberkampf butcher, Paris Hôtel de ville bookstore, etc. or even according to the proximity to certain monuments or unmissable places: the Eiffel Tower, the Montparnasse, the Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe, the Avenue des Champs-Elysées, the Père Lachaise cemetery… You must therefore take this element into account in your targeting.

Increase your chances of being visible by neighborhood

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