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How to properly prepare your old iPhone for resale? (Tutorial)


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That’s it, you have received a brand new new machine, replacing this iPhone which has rendered valuable services. It is high time to prepare the old companion before sending him to his new family. Here is an update of our tutorial dedicated to the steps to remember to prepare your iPhone for resale.

Nothing complicated, but better not to miss the maneuver so that everything goes smoothly for the old as for the new owner of the iPhone.

One last backup

Before putting the iPhone back as the first day, a big backup is needed. Obviously, two solutions are possible: iTunes or iCloud.

Backing up via iTunes is not very complicated. First, connect the iPhone to the computer with which it is usually synchronized. If you haven’t already, open iTunes and select the device in question from the menu on the left. Then click on the “Back up now” button.


You can choose to check “Encrypt iPhone backup” to include Health and HomeKit data, as well as passwords, in the backup.

When active, iCloud backup is done automatically. But it is obviously possible (and desirable in our case) to trigger it at will! For that, nothing could be simpler: direction the settings of the iPhone. You must click on the first title corresponding to the linked iCloud account. On the following screens, choose “Username iPhone”, then “iCloud Backup”.

iPhone and iCloud backup


There you just have to activate iCloud backup if you haven’t already done so and enter your iCloud password.

iPhone and iCloud


Finally, press “Back up now” to start the backup.

IOS Settings Backup iPhone


Disable iOS Lock

Once the backup has been made, everything is not finished before the deletion. Indeed, some additional precautions must be taken. First of all, it is important to ensure that the activation lock intended to protect against thieves is indeed deactivated.

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To do this, let’s go again to the iPhone settings, direction “iPhone of user name”.

Go to “Find my iPhone”, then turn off the “Find my iPhone” switch. It is he who manages the activation lock of iOS. The password of the iCloud account is required to validate the deactivation of the feature.

iPhone and Locate option


It is also possible to deactivate this lock via the site then clicking on “Locate”. Then select the device and click “Delete”. Once the data is erased, click on “Remove from account”.

Erase iPhone

After the backup is complete, it’s time to erase iPhone. I imagine that, like everyone else, you wouldn’t want someone to be able to access your emails, your photos… So here’s how to proceed:

  • Go to the “Settings” of the iPhone
  • Click on “General”
  • Scroll down to find the “Reset” category
  • Choose the option “Erase content and settings”
Delete iPhone content


By following these steps, you are sure that the iPhone is empty of any sensitive personal data.

Unlink iPhone

Two precautions are better than one. And even if this step is not essential, it is still better to do it. This is to break the link between the machine and its iTunes account. For that, go on the iCloud site this address at Apple and identify yourself with your iCloud / iTunes account used on the machine until then. Then click on “Account settings”, then on the unbinding machine.

Resell your iPhone iCloud


Finally, complete the operation by clicking on the small cross to the right of the iPhone or iPad in question, then on “Delete”.

Erase iPad in iCloud


To conclude

Here is the iPhone ready to be sent to its new owner. Now all you have to do is transfer the data to the new machine and enjoy it fully! But for that, we trust you!

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- Advertisement -How to properly prepare your old iPhone for resale?  (Tutorial)How to properly prepare your old iPhone for resale?  (Tutorial)

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- Advertisement -How to properly prepare your old iPhone for resale?  (Tutorial)How to properly prepare your old iPhone for resale?  (Tutorial)

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