How to protect children who cannot be vaccinated against covid-19 this end of the year

Es importante proteger a los más pequeños del covid-19, dado que ellos no pueden recibir la vacuna.

It is important to protect the little ones from covid-19, since they cannot receive the vaccine.

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In the United States there are about 23 million children who are under the age of five, Who still cannot be vaccinated for not having authorized drugs for their ages. To them, we must add those who are 5 to 11 years old and still do not receive a complete vaccination schedule, because it was recently authorized, at the end of October.

Also, the third dose, the booster vaccine is not available to children under 16 years.

All this implies that there are minors that we must protect, just when we are close to saying goodbye to this year and receiving the new one, a moment that is traditionally celebrated with family and / or friends.

In addition, although serious illness is unlikely in children who contract COVID, it is true that hospital admissions in recent dates increased among children by 52%, according to official figures.

Before this panorama,what can we do to protect these minors who do not have the defense of a vaccine?

The first thing is ensure that adults and authorized persons are fully vaccinated, as recommended by the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Rochelle Walensky.

After, it’s worth it subject guests to covid-19 testing, to rule out that, vaccinated or not, they have the disease and can spread it, and this more easily to the unvaccinated. Laboratory tests are the first place to obtain an accurate result, above rapid tests.

On the other hand, those who are not vaccinated should wear masks, and, to the extent possible, physical distance is maintained with other people.

A good alternative is that the New Year’s celebration takes place outdoors, as long as the weather conditions allow it.

But if there are many complications, the best will be limit meetings or choose to cancel. Health and safety come first.

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