how to publish on Amazon in 6 steps?

how to publish on Amazon in 6 steps?

The giant Amazon offers a self-publishing program for authors wishing to publish their work without the services of a publishing house. This is “Kindle Direct Publishing”, a platform on which it is possible to publish an e-book (digital book) in Kindle format or a paper book.

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Publishing a book on Amazon has many advantages over publishing it through a publishing company. To publish a book via “Kindle Direct Publishing”, just follow a few simple steps.

Why publish your book on Amazon?

There are many reasons for choosing Amazon over a traditional publishing house to publish a book. Beginners or more seasoned authors are aware of the difficulty of finding a place in the world of publishing.

Indeed, publishing houses are subject to strict rules. They receive many requests and must therefore make a rigorous selection to keep only the works most likely to find their readership. The first reason that can lead an author to self-publish on Amazon is therefore linked to the saturation of the publishing market. Kindle Direct Publishing presents itself as an alternative to the classic route.

In addition, Amazon, now the world’s leading e-commerce platform, began with the sale of books. It then specialized in the digital format and revolutionized the sector by offering books on tablets, in its own format: Kindle. Amazon then made possible the publication of many works and lightened the publication process. Getting started in publishing a book with Amazon means benefiting from its immense visibility and reaching a wider range of readers.

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Finally, the choice of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is also a matter of cost. In fact, the service is totally free. Authors who begin their career by publishing their book in digital format thus dispense with all the expenses related to the design and promotion of a book, generally included in the services of a publishing house. This option allows new authors to manage the promotion of their work themselves in order to considerably reduce the subsidiary expenses of publication.

All this makes Kindle Direct Publishing a relevant tool to publish your book and generate income through Amazon.

Sign up for Kindle Direct Publishing

To publish your first book on Amazon, you must first register with the Amazon KDP service. The author can log in with their usual Amazon account and then add the specific information relating to “Kindle Direct Publishing”.

Choose the publication format of the book

In a second step, it is necessary to choose the format in which the book will be published:

  • Kindle e-book.
  • Paperback book.
  • Hardcover book.

However, you should know that the functionality to publish a bound book is still in the test state.

The 3 formats offered by Amazon KDP appear to the left of the section called “Add a new book”. Once the publication format has been chosen, all you have to do is click on the corresponding area. This action makes it possible to enter the design space of the future structure. This then appears in a list that can be consulted by the author, in the “Your books” section. Amazon KDP authors can use the search bar built into this section to easily find their posts.

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Carry out the shaping of the future work

Formatting a book for Amazon usually means switching from a word-processing format to a reading format accepted by the platform: .doc, .docx or PDF.

For all types of publication, “Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing” provides guides and authoring tools to authors. “Kindle Create” is, for example, designed for books containing a lot of text or those whose presentation follows an established format (travel guides, cookbooks, novels, etc.). For its part, “Kindle Kid’s Book Creator” is suitable for publishing children’s books. There is even a creation tool for comic and manga authors, Kindle Comic Creator.

Put the book online on Amazon

The step of putting a book online on Amazon does not mean that the book is available for readers. At this stage, it is a matter of uploading the content to the platform, in an appropriate format. It is then possible to preview the formatting of the book and adjust it to match the different publishing formats.

It is also advisable for the author to prepare the presentation page of his book on Amazon at the same time as he makes the final corrections to the content of the book. This page will indeed be visible to potential readers. It must make them want to discover the content of the work.

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The modification of the presentation page is done from the “Library” section of the author’s interface. This must provide the following general information:

  • The publishing language.
  • A brief description of the contents of the book.
  • The categories in which he wishes to reference his book.
  • A set of keywords associated with book content to help Amazon KDP’s algorithm serve it to the right users.

Set a selling price

On average, a paper book is sold by Amazon KDP at a price of €9.99. For an e-book, the average price is €2.99. An author must therefore position himself strategically within this price range.

A price of €0.99 is offered to beginners. Even if it doesn’t make a lot of money for the author, it should be seen as an opportunity to build a readership. Subsequently, it is quite possible, even advisable, to increase prices as sales also increase.

Submit book publication to Amazon

Once all the information about the book has been filled in (title, subtitle, language, etc.), it’s time for the author to submit their publication to Amazon, by simply clicking on “Publish your e-book” or “Publish your paperback.

The content of the book is then analyzed by Amazon KDP teams. If there are no errors or formatting issues, it takes approximately 72 hours to see the book offered for sale.

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