How to Re-Share (Repost) an Instagram Story? (5 Tips)

You wish re-share an Instagram story from another account in your story? here’s how repost any instagram storyeven from an account that doesn’t follow you or hasn’t tagged you in their story.

With over 500 million daily users, Instagram Stories has become one of the social network’s most popular features in just a few years. Here’s how to repost a story from another account to your own account.

How to repost an Instagram story in 2022 when you have been identified?

instagram story mention

When an account tags you on one of its Instagram stories, you receive a notification and a message in the “Direct Messages” section of the social network telling you ” Mentioned your name…“.

If you don’t follow the account in question, the message will appear in message invitations.

To be able to republish the story of this account in your Story space, simply go to the message and click on the ” Add to your story“.

repost add to your Instagram story

If you wish, you can also click on the story to preview it before validating the addition to your story. A button ” Add this to your story will be offered during the preview.

How to share an Instagram story without being identified?

When you have not been identified in a story already published and the author has not identified you after publication, Instagram does not currently offer the option to re-share this story to your followers via your own story.

However, a simple trick to circumvent this is to take a screenshot of the story (if it’s a photo), or a video capture of the video story (if it’s a video) so that you can then simply re-share it via your own story on Instagram.

On iPhone, you can use the native screen recording feature. On Android, you will need to download a dedicated application to perform the operation.

If you want to download the source file of the story (to make it higher quality) and it’s a public account, you can also use an online Instagram story download service (like save-insta .com for example).

However, beware of copyright. If you do this without the consent of the author of the original story, you expose yourself to legal action if the latter has not given you explicit consent.

Why can’t I share an Insta story?

If you have not been identified on a story, you will not be able to re-share it on your own account.

In any case, you can in this case use the screenshot trick to circumvent this impossibility forced by Instagram.

How to share a post in Instagram story?

share instagram post story

For share instagram post from public account (having authorized this action) in its own story, it suffices:

  • go to the post you want to share;
  • click on the paper plane icon (Instagram sharing icon) located under the publication, to the right of the one dedicated to comments;
  • to click on ” Add a post to your story » ;

You will then be able to zoom in on the post, apply filters, add stickers, mention accounts, etc. before sharing it in your story.

Why can’t I share a post in an Instagram story?

Any public or professional account can decide not to let other accounts share their posts in stories. If the account has disabled the option ” Allow sharing in a story“, it will therefore not be possible to share its publication in your story.

This option can be found in the stories privacy settings in the “Sharing” section -> “Allow sharing in a story” (“Allow people to add your posts to their story. Your username will always be displayed with your publication”).

In addition, sharing publications from a private account in story is also not possible.

In these two cases, the only way at your disposal to circumvent this impossibility is to take a screenshot of the post that you will then share in a story (with or without a link / mention to the source account).

As with sharing a story from another account, you recommend that you ask the author account for permission before re-sharing a post that you did not create.

How do I see who shared my Instagram story?

When someone shares your story on Instagram and tags you on it, you always receive a notification as well as a message from Instagram informing you of the sharing.

To verify this, all you have to do is check your messages and your invitations by message (for accounts that you do not follow).

If someone shares your story using the screenshot, photo or video method, without mentioning you, there is currently no method to identify these accounts.

How do you prevent another account from sharing your story?

If you share stories that you do not want to be shared on the social network by specific accounts, you can either:

  • opt to share the story with your close friends only via the dedicated feature (this will allow you to control who can see your story and thus limit the risks that it will be reposted on another account);
  • block accounts that re-share your stories without your consent.

Have more questions about sharing an Instagram story? Do not hesitate to ask us directly in the comments, we will answer you quickly.

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