How to reduce risks when trick-or-treating on Halloween in times of covid-19

Si quieres un disfraz de último minuto para este Halloween, aquí te damos varias opciones que te podrán servir

The Halloween is the occasion when the streets are filled with costumed children offering trick or treating. However, everything changes in times of pandemic.

Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate that outdoor activities are safe, it is necessary for families to analyze factors such as the rate of coronavirus contagion in the area where they live, or the vaccination rate.

Even if to perform this activity children are kept outdoors, it is necessary to take measures such as maintaining physical distanceas Emily Sickbert-Bennett, an infectious disease expert at the University of North Carolina, points out, as quoted by The Associated Press.

The specialist ask that for Halloween the neighbors coordinate in the delivery of sweets, so that they avoid that the children crowd at the doors.

As for closed areas, experts ask that unvaccinated people – children among them – continue to wear masks. And if the infection rate is high, even vaccinated people should wear masks. These masks should be the ones we use in a pandemic, beyond the use of a disguise.

It is safe in general terms that children go door to door receiving sweets, but even if the contagion by contact with surfaces is low, it does not hurt to carry disinfectant or sanitizing gel and use it before eating sweets. The recommendation for adults who open the door is to always wear a mask, or place containers with sweets at some distance from the front door.

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