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How to remove ticks from the house?


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Ticks are parasites that prefer to feed on the blood of animals

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The fleas and ticks they can become a pest if left unchecked. The main hosts are pets, therefore, to eliminate ticks it is necessary to organize a strategy and take care of the animals to prevent them from becoming infected.

Take care of pets

The Dogs and cats They are the main carriers of ticks and fleas. Therefore it is necessary to bathe them every so often with hot water and use a flea and tick shampoo. In the same way, prevent them from frequenting places where they may become infected.

There are a variety of products for remove ticks, ranging from soaps, shampoo and powders. It is necessary to follow the instructions on the packaging to follow the correct procedure. If with all this they do not disappear, you can contact the vet to apply an antiparasitic.

tick shampoo
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Keep your house clean

As recommended by mascoteros, vacuuming the house is important, especially the corners, the mattresses, the sofa, the door frames and any place where these parasites can enter.

Once all this is done, you have to throw away the vacuum cleaner bag. An ally can be a product that helps eliminate ticks, such as a specific insecticide for this type of parasites.

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It is important to follow the instructions and spray it both outside and outside. Washing clothes is necessary to prevent them from sticking there. Doing it with hot water will be more effective, and using the dryer will also help kill them.

Cleaning products
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Seek help

Your vet can give you directions on what you can do to prevent your pet from becoming infected with ticks and fleas. Following their instructions will also be beneficial to the Health of all your family.

Also, will be able to recommend an antiparasitic, or apply it directly to your pet. Remember that order and cleanliness are essential.

If with all this you cannot meet your goal, the other option you have is to hire a spraying company to do this work. It may cost you a little more, but it is better to do it than later to catch a serious disease, such as Lyme.



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