How to retarget on Facebook?

How to retarget on Facebook?

Retargeting on Facebook allows you to obtain excellent results for retargeting your prospects or developing the audience and engagement of your page. To create a campaign, you have to follow several steps, the first of which is to precisely identify the target. From this will result the choice of the appropriate strategy and therefore the configuration that will have to be applied to the campaign.> Download this free guide to Facebook marketing ” align=”middle”/>

Facebook retargeting thus makes it possible to target subscribers to a page of the social network, but it also makes it possible to address third-party audiences, such as those of an e-commerce site or contacts contained in a database. Targeting can be done according to socio-demographic criteria, since this is information in the possession of Facebook. It is also possible to operate targeting by center of interest, or to exclude certain ones. Here again, the organization of Facebook around everyone’s passions offers advertisers the possibility of using this selection criterion, or exclusion.

Identify internet users to retarget

On Facebook, retargeting offers you an extremely wide range of possibilities. Retargeting can address pure prospects, as long as they are subscribed to the social network. The selection criteria will then be socio-demographic, geographic and linked to areas of interest. Of course, it’s also possible to retarget followers of a company’s Facebook page to improve reach and engagement.

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Facebook also offers the possibility of using contacts in the database if they are among the members of the site. Finally, retargeting on Facebook makes it possible to address visitors to a specific website if it is equipped with the Facebook pixel, which is presented in the following section.

This finesse of targeting has two benefits for companies: reducing acquisition costs and improving conversion rates. Indeed, by precisely targeting a retargeting campaign, it is possible to achieve its marketing or sales objectives at a much lower cost than it would have been on a mass campaign. Since the target is clearly identified and addressed, again the conversion is much more efficient. As a result, the ROIs are positive since the return on investment of Facebook retargeting campaigns is quickly achieved.

Facebook pixel installation

For the retargeting campaign to target visitors to a specific website, it is essential to install the Facebook pixel. The implementation method requires you to be able to modify the site code in order to install this script which allows campaigns to be launched instantly after a user has left the site.

facebook pixel installation

Start by going to the Facebook event manager and click on Connect data sources then select Web. From then on, you can select Pixel Facebook and click Connect. Finally, add the name of the pixel and enter the URL of the website where it will be installed. Then the easy setup method will guide the next steps of the installation.

Selecting the retargeting audience

To launch a Facebook retargeting campaign, you must start by creating a personalized audience in the Audience Manager of the social network. In this tool, all the audiences that have interacted with a company are listed, whether on Facebook, its website or its mobile application. If the Facebook pixel has not yet been installed, then a reminder will be displayed in this section.

audience selection retargeting

It is also possible to choose Similar audiences at this stage of creating a Facebook retargeting campaign. This option is particularly interesting for automating prospecting on the basis of an already functional target. Finally, the campaign can be created from an audience already selected and saved.

Creation of the Facebook retargeting campaign

At this point, it is now a question of creating by clicking on Create a campaign. Then you have to assign a name to this campaign, associate it with an audience as well as an advertisement which can then be modified in the Placements section.

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Facebook retargeting campaign creation

This step also requires choosing the goal of the campaign, and Facebook suggests many. It is possible to attract more visitors to a company’s website, encourage Internet users to get in touch or simply boost a post, even on Instagram.

Budget and calendar settings

It is then that the budget allocated to the campaign must be configured. Here you have to enter the daily amount that will be allocated for this retargeting operation. In the same way, the calendar allows to define the duration of the campaign with a start date and an end date.

Adding advertising and launching the campaign

If the advertisement chosen when creating the campaign is no longer suitable, it is still possible to modify it at this stage in the Placements section. This is also where you have to define where the advertisement will be displayed. it is thus possible to choose Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network. On Facebook, it is possible to refine the choice by sections such as the news feed, the video one or the marketplace. To optimize this placement, the social network offers the Automatic placement option which will choose for the advertiser the best combination according to his budget. Finally, all you have to do is validate the campaign to initiate its launch.

Measuring the performance of your retargeting campaign

Facebook offers advertisers the possibility of monitoring the performance of their campaigns via the Facebook Ads Manager, which brings together the main performance indicators. Divided into three parts, it presents the results of campaigns, ad sets and individual ads. This screen summarizes the cost per click and the volume of impressions. But it also offers data on the reach and the results according to the objective. It is an essential tool for monitoring and adjusting your Facebook retargeting campaign.

Winning Facebook Retargeting Strategies

Retargeting based on the pages visited

This is probably the most used targeting by companies that retarget on Facebook. Whether the Internet user has visited the presentation page of a service or read an article on the blog, the Facebook pixel allows them to be retargeted. Depending on its objectives, the company can then improve its contact rate, and therefore its lead generation via Facebook, or boost its website traffic.

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retargeting visited pages

This technique, HubSpot uses to develop the visibility of its blog posts and increase its volume of qualified contacts in the database. After having defined a precise target for the campaign, the advertisement offers to download an e-book for free after filling out a form that will qualify the lead.

Retargeting after a conversion

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers” said Seth Godin. Behind this maxim lies the whole point of a retargeting campaign after a conversion: to offer customers products that suit them. Indeed, the past purchase makes it possible to know the interest of the target for such or such type of article. The company can then easily offer a move upmarket or cross-selling with a retargeting campaign on Facebook.

How to retarget on Facebook?

This approach is particularly interesting when it is part of an asynchronous strategy. For example, Renault has kept the contacts of its customers who have bought a thermal vehicle. Today, where the electric is on the rise, it is setting up a retargeting campaign after conversion to highlight a discovery offer for its new range of cars.

Retargeting after a failed conversion

Widely used by e-commerce players, the retargeting of abandoned carts can significantly improve the conversion rate and therefore sales. This process can take place in stages, which sometimes combine. First, the online store can remind the Internet user that he has consulted a product but has not completed his purchase. Then, she can display a discount coupon that will encourage the prospect to come back to complete their purchase. Thanks to the segmentation of retargeting campaigns on Facebook, many companies combine these two steps by defining two distinct targets.

Beyond cart abandonment, the retargeting after conversion failure strategy can be applied for visitors who have started a specific procedure to download it from an app, for event registration or creation of an account, without reaching the end. Depending on the data you have, you may be able to retarget based on different criteria.

For further, download this free guide to marketing on Facebook and learn how to build your Facebook marketing strategy.

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