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How to reuse tea bags as a home remedy


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If you like tea, don’t throw away the tea bags. There are several ways to use them and take advantage of all the benefits of their content, since you can reuse them to take care of your body and your home. Here we tell you how to do it.

Home remedies

If you save the tea bags, you can use them as home remedies. Among its uses, can help you with inflammation and gum pain. You just have to put two cold and wet bags on the affected area and leave for about 10 minutes.

To the reuse tea bags too you will be able to cope with warts, thanks to the antioxidants it contains. Thus, the drink has positive effects, but will increase if you use the bags.

Black tea bags are used to treat sunburns. Letting them cool for a reasonable time and applying it to the burned area will relieve inflammation and discomfort.

Beauty treatment

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This is one more reason not to throw away tea bags. You can use them for a relaxing bath, by introducing some used bags into the bathtub. You just have to fill the tub with hot water and immerse yourself. The most recommended are those of chamomile, combined with green or black tea bags.

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To combat dandruff, bring the different tea bags you have stored back to a boil, and rinse your hair with the resulting infusion. If you want a greater effect, you can massage the scalp every night with a tea bag, according to what Eco Inventos mentions.

For wrinkles and acne, you should put the cold, wet bags on the skin. In this way they fade, helping to eliminate these discomfort thanks to the absorption of antioxidants in the skin, thus helping to make it look healthy.

As you will see, tea bags have many uses that you can take advantage of in your day to day. This way you will save money and you can enjoy all its benefits.



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