How to schedule an Instagram post?

How to schedule an Instagram post?

The “scheduling of publications” feature on Instagram is very advantageous for automating the regular sharing of content. Its use frees up time for the teams to produce other publications, more occasionally or exceptionally.

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Like most other social networks, Instagram allows its creators to schedule posts. This process is completely transparent to the audience. The procedure for scheduling an Instagram post is very simple.

Why schedule an Instagram post?

Scheduling Instagram posts offers many advantages in managing the content strategy deployment, whatever the size of the company and its objectives. Indeed, posting on Instagram several times a week or even several times a day requires investing a lot of time. Between the graphic design, the creation of the publications themselves, the sharing and the animation of the community, managing an Instagram account can involve up to ten people.

Scheduling posts is therefore the key to an effective organization when it comes to creating content on social networks. This habit makes it possible to set up a “batch production” methodology, which leaves time for the teams to focus on the tasks of interaction with the community.

Another important advantage of scheduling posts on Instagram is that it contributes to thehomogenization of the editorial line Account. Conceived as a strategic common thread, the editorial line is what defines the nature of the publications of a brand or a company and the way in which they are formatted on social networks. By creating an overview of future publications, it is obviously easier to perceive the editorial line and, if necessary, to adjust the publications so that they correspond to it.

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Also, build a publication schedule content and programming it generally leaves more time for reflection on the substance of this content. The creator or the team in charge of Instagram can then indulge in creativity, even originality. Being able to count on scheduled publications removes a certain production constraint: it is then possible to find a new idea anywhere and at any time. Just write it down to format it for the next post programming session.

Finally, scheduling your publications on Instagram is the best way to position yourself on the best time of day to publish, i.e. when the audience is most available to receive the information. In summary, it’s a real strategic choice to get better results in terms of publishing performance.

How do I schedule an Instagram post via Creator Studio?

If some online tools or software allow you to schedule publications on the main social networks, there is a solution created by Facebook especially for Facebook and Instagram: Creator Studio.

On Facebook Creator Studio, content creators for Instagram and Facebook can schedule any type of post, whether in their feed, in stories, in carousel or IGTV format. Below is the procedure for scheduling a publication directly from the Facebook Creator Studio interface.

First, Instagram account holders who have never used Creator Studio should link their profile to the tool. To do this, click on the Instagram social network logo at the top of the Creator Studio home page.

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Link your Instagram account to Creator Studio

Then, the “Connect your account” button allows administrators to manage the Instagram account from Facebook Creator Studio.

Connect your account to Creator StudioThen, to start creating a scheduled post, just click on the “Create post” button at the top left of the Creator Studio interface.

Schedule a post on Creator Studio

From then on, the creator can upload the visual content they want to use to design their Instagram post. To create an Instagram carousel, for example, it is possible to upload several photos and/or videos at once.

Then, all he has to do is format his publication by writing his caption, possibly mentioning other Instagram accounts or even adding hashtags.

Below the Instagram post creation space is a “Publish” button, the same as on the Facebook publishing interface. By clicking on the arrow right next to this button, Creator Studio offers to validate the publication by selecting “Schedule”. The new post scheduled for Instagram is then displayed in a summary table where all the posts scheduled are listed in chronological order.

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How do I schedule an Instagram post through HubSpot?

If you have a Marketing Hub subscription, HubSpot offers a social media management tool where you can schedule your posts, including on Instagram.

To do this, simply go to the Marketing > Social networks menu, then click on “Create a post on social networks”.

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schedule social media posts in HubSpotYou can then choose the social network on which you want to schedule your post: Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. You can manage the schedule with a list or editorial calendar view.

HubSpot publishing editorial calendarFrom the platform, you can also:

  • Monitor activities : conversations, interactions, new subscribers,
  • Analyze your posts : audience, publication, engagement, traffic and leads.

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To take it a step further, download these free Instagram post templates and uUse them in the standard or stories format to renew the design of your posts.

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