How to Schedule Facebook Reels?

Meta (Facebook) has recently offered its users the possibility of programming Reels directly from the computer version of its social network. Here’s how to schedule a Reel from any browser and the Meta Creator Studio in 4 easy steps.

Plan a Facebook Reel in 4 steps

To can schedule a Reel on Facebookyou must first ideally have a video in vertical format of a maximum duration of 60 seconds.

1- Go to Facebook Creator Studio

The Creator Studio is a free tool made available to community managers who manage Facebook pages.

To be able to use it, all you need is access to one or more Facebook pages under management.

Here is the direct link to access it:

From the Creator Studio, you can perform a number of actions including scheduling posts and Reels.

To start planning a reel, first click on “ Create a real from Creator Studio.

schedule real facebook post

2- Load Facebook video in Creator Studio and add caption

create real facebook

Even if you don’t upload a video in Reel (vertical) format, Facebook may offer you a reworked version optimized for this type of vertical video publication in the ” Edit » accessible after loading the video.

You are also offered the option of reworking the video in square format (a format which is however not recommended compared to the vertical format).

When uploading the video to share in Reel, you will be able to add a caption to your video.

You can include hashtags, descriptive text, emojis but it will not be possible to add a redirect link.

3- Optimize the Reel directly in the Creator Studio

If your video is longer than 60 seconds (maximum length of a Reel), Facebook will offer you to cut video to fit in 60 seconds through the option ” To cut » directly integrated into the tool.

cut optimize real facebook

You will then have to drag the blue slider to reduce the duration of the video and click on ” Apply to apply the changes and reduce the Reel duration to less than 60 seconds.

cut real facebook before programming

From this same “Edit” section, Facebook offers you the possibility of choosing between publishing your video in 16:9 format or reworking your video to automatically crop it in 9:16 format.

Although this feature will not work well for all videos, in some cases it will save time and avoid having to rework the video yourself with video editing software.

4- Schedule the Reel for later publication

Once the adjustments have been made, you will be able to schedule the Reel to be released at a time and date of your choosing in the future.

From the ” Publish“, you will need to choose the option ” Program » then select the desired date and time for the publication.

schedule post real facebook creator studio

Scheduled Reels must be shared between 20 minutes and 75 days from the time you created them.

Of course, if you wish, you can also publish the Reel instantly. It is also possible to save the Reel as a draft to edit and publish it later.

After selecting the date and time, all that remains is to click on ” Program to schedule the Reel video to be shared on his Facebook page.

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