How to Schedule Facebook Stories? (Without Paying Tool)

The programming of Facebook page stories has recently become possible, here is how it works by simply using the dedicated and free tool of the Facebook Business suite.

How to schedule stories for a Facebook page without a paid tool?

Facebook made the announcement in April 2021 and the option is now available for all Facebook pages in France and internationally: programming of Facebook stories can now be done directly from the desktop version of the Facebook Business Suite or from the free iOS or Android applications with the same name.

How to program a Facebook story from your computer?

plan facebook business suite stories
Facebook Business Suite interface for programming stories

For schedule a Facebook page story to post for later, the procedure will only take you a few minutes:

  • Go to your Facebook Business Suite account
  • Once on the home page, you can either directly create a story from the shortcut at the top right or go to the ” Posts & Stories “To go directly to the” Stories“. You can also click here to go faster and go directly to the section with all active, scheduled and archived stories.
  • If you already have a story ready, you can then load it or otherwise create it by adding up to 10 photos and videos per story.
program story facebook desktop
  • Once the story is ready, click on the small arrow next to the story publish button to access the planning space.
validate facebook story programming
  • Then choose the desired publication date and time.
  • All you have to do is check everything and schedule the story for publication later by clicking on ” Schedule Story
schedule story facebook button

How to schedule a Facebook page story for later from the iOS (iPhone) or Android app?

plan facebook iphone stories

From the Business Suite application in iPhone or Android version, the process is relatively identical to the computer version except that you will be able to add a redirect link to your website on the planned story, an option which is currently not offered in the computer version of the planning tool.

Here is the procedure to follow :

  • Download and open the application ” Business Suite »From Facebook on your Android or iPhone smartphone.
  • Click on the Facebook story icon then accept the authorization to access all the photos and videos hosted on your mobile phone, you must also authorize the application to have access to your integrated camera if you want to be able to save stories live or take photos and share them directly. If you wish, you can allow partial access to the photos on your phone to prevent Facebook from having access to all those saved on your smartphone, it’s up to you.
  • Prepare the story to be programmed or take it live.
program stories facebook ios
  • Then click on the button ” Share on »Then on« Planning options “->” Publish now To access the option to schedule the story for publication later. When you click, you will have to click on ” Schedule for later To access the calendar.
  • Choose the date and time you want your story to be published, then click on the “Back” arrow to finalize the schedule.
program stories facebook iphone
  • At this stage, all you have to do is click on ” Program ”So that your story is scheduled for the desired date and time (you will not have to do anything to confirm the publication).

Frequently asked questions about planning Facebook stories

Can we program Facebook stories with the addition of links?

Yes, but this is only possible from the Business Suite mobile application, the computer version does not yet offer the option on its interface.

Is it possible to schedule stories from personal Facebook accounts?

No, this is currently a feature that is only open to professionals who have a Facebook page with Business Suite access.

Can I schedule stories offline?

Since the Business Suite requires access to a website and it is not accessible from a computer application, it will not be possible to program Facebook stories without an internet connection, however you can still prepare and prepare them. then plan in bulk as soon as an internet connection is available.

Can we prepare a story in draft and schedule it later?

Yes, it will soon be possible to prepare draft stories that can be viewed by other accounts that have access to the Business suite. These other accounts can, for example, validate the stories and take care of the planning even if they were not at the origin of the story.

Is it possible to boost the reach of planned stories by paying?

This option is not yet deployed but will be soon. Community managers and social media managers will thus not only be able to plan organic Facebook stories but also plan sponsored stories.


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