How to Schedule Publications on your Facebook Page?

For a few months now, scheduling posts on Facebook pages hasn’t been as easy as it used to be. Here is an article that presents three simple methods to schedule posts on your Facebook business page in 2022.

1- How to schedule a publication from your Facebook page?

Now, aside from the option to save as a draft, backdate a post, or publish it instantly, most of you no longer have the option of scheduling with a calendar showing up. under the interface for creating a publication on Facebook pages.

program impossible to publish facebook page
Here is an overview of the lack of programming option on some pages from the classic interface for creating a publication

If it is still possible to schedule publications from your Facebook page, the procedure is now slightly different.

Here are the different steps to follow to be able to plan any type of publication (simple text, image, video) on your Facebook page from the latter:

  • Go to your Facebook page and make sure you have administrative rights with the Facebook account you use to go there.
access programming interface post facebook
facebook page post options
  • In the shaded section ” News“, then click on the ” Share now with a small down arrow. On click, you will see the option ” Program appear, so all you have to do is click on it.
best time to schedule facebook
Facebook offers from this interface the best time to publish your publication
  • At this point, Facebook will suggest the best time to share your post based on your audience and when they are most active. You can either follow Facebook’s recommendation or click ” Personalized to indicate the exact time and day you want.
choice date programming Facebook page
  • Once the date and time have been selected, all you have to do is click on ” Schedule the post and everything will be ready.

2- How do I schedule a publication from Creator Studio?

If you don’t know the Facebook Creator Studiothis could be a good way for you to find out!

Allowing you to download several videos simultaneously, schedule all your publications and analyze their performance, Facebook’s Creator Studio is an all-in-one interface that offers more options for creating content than the classic Facebook page.

schedule post facebook creator studio
Here is an overview of the interface for creating and programming a Facebook publication from the Creator Studio

To schedule a post on a Facebook page from the Creator Studio, just follow 3 steps:

  • Connect to Creator Studio by going to this link:
  • Click on ” post something to open the section to create a post. then prepare your publication.
  • Click on the arrow on the ” Publish to display the other options and select ” Program“. A calendar is then displayed, allowing you to choose the date and time of publication of your choice.

Using Creator Studio, Facebook won’t suggest the best time to share your post when scheduling..

The management interface, on the other hand, is much more pleasant and intuitive than with the first option offered, it’s up to you to see what you prefer.

3- How to program a Facebook publication from a dedicated software?

There are dozens of free and paid tools that allow you to schedule your social media posts. Most of the tools are compatible with multiple social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, …

If you just want to schedule publications on your Facebook page, however, we recommend that you use one of the options presented above instead.

Here are 3 Facebook post scheduling tools that we think stand out:

Spello: the simple and French solution

Swello is a French programming tool for Facebook and your other social networks. It has a very intuitive and clean interface which makes it easier for everyone to understand.

In terms of programming, you have access to everything you would expect from such a tool:

  • Programmable messages
  • Publication archive
  • Link reducers
  • Images / gifs / videos and even an image editor
  • A programmable and shareable editorial calendar
  • A post optimization score (Quality Grade)
  • etc.

And again, these are just the entry-level features. You can also manage RSS feeds, automation, recurring posts, concurrent scheduling, and more.

Schedule your Facebook posts with Spello
Schedule your Facebook posts with Spello

Apart from the programming aspect of Spello, you will also be able to follow the statistics of your posts and profiles with key KPIs. For the most expensive subscriptions, you can even schedule your watch directly from the tool.

As far as prices are concerned, it will be necessary to count minimum €9.90 per month, for annual billing, for the entry-level account. The price remains very affordable and allows you to manage up to 5 profiles with a single user. No access for analysis and monitoring, however. Then there is a second plan at €29.90 for 5 users and 15 profiles, then a last one starting at €49.90 per month for people who need more than 5 users and 15 social profiles.

Agorapulse: the reference platform

The second tool is AgoraPulse. No need to introduce him, he really is one of the leaders on the market. It is a very advanced Social Media Management platform.

Just like Spello, you will be able to manage all the programming of your posts for different social networks. it is also possible to manage interactions, comments, and even categorize subscribers. There are tools for monitoring and monitoring organic and paid statistics.

It’s not surprising that this platform is a reference, because we literally find all the tools necessary for the management of social networks.

Schedule your Facebook posts with Agorapulse
Schedule your Facebook posts with Agorapulse

Nevertheless, this has a cost, which is much higher than what we have seen at Swello for example. Here, we will not speak below 79 € per month for annual billing, for 2 users and 10 social profiles. For comparison, it would cost €30 at Swello. For 4 users and 20 profiles, we then go to 159 € monthly.

Hootsuite: the post scheduling tool

Finally, we’ll see Hootsuite. This platform has more or less the same features with a few extras. For example, there are automatic publications in the best niches, or even a tool for managing sponsored publications: Hootsuite Ads.

Schedule your Facebook posts with Hootsuite
Schedule your Facebook posts with Hootsuite

In terms of prices, the first price is €39 per month and allows you to manage 10 social media accounts, with 1 user. The number of publications to be programmed is obviously unlimited. Then, we go to €109 per month for 3 users and 20 social accounts, then €669 per month for 5 users and 35 accounts.

This solution represents a little in-between between Swello and AgoraPulse.

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