How to set up a Local campaign on Google Ads (Local Campaigns)?

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Are you a business communicating locally on Google Ads? Do you want to highlight your stores / agencies? Then the Google Ads local campaign format is right for you!

What is a Google Locale Ads campaign?

The Google Locale Ads campaign is a campaign format allowing you to highlight your point of sale / agency locally through its Google My Business page on various Google networks.

On which networks is the Google Locale Ads campaign broadcast?

The Google Locale campaign is broadcast on several networks:

  • Google maps
  • Research network
  • Youtube
  • Display Network
  • Gmail
  • GMB (Google My Business) business card

What are the configurable objectives for a Google Locale Ads campaign?

The configurable objectives are the route and direct calls. We recommend that you adjust their conversion value to your estimated goal. Basic conversion values ​​are € 1.

What are the steps to create a Google Local campaign?

Here are the steps to create a campaign:

1- Go to the campaign tab and click on the blue + & New campaign

2 – Select “Promotions and store visits” in the Google Ads interface

3 – The Google My Business link then appears:

link google my business

4 – Add the various parameters of the local campaign in the Google Ads interface:

google local campaigns setting

By default there are 3 conversions where you can change the value of conversions. In-store tours are only available for certain advertisers.

Note that it is also possible to link a product flow (in-store product flow or merchant center flow).

5 – Creation of the Google Ads Local ad

You have to add the elements: texts, images and video. These elements must be present to validate the creation of the campaign.

Here are the specifications for the textual part:

  • 5 titles (30 characters)
  • 5 descriptions (60 characters)
  • 5 Call-to-action text (11 characters)

And for the visuals / videos part:

  • At least 1 image (20 maximum)
  • 1 logo minimum (5 maximum)
  • 1 video minimum (20 maximum)

local google ads ad

Here are the image sizes for Google Locale Ads campaigns:

  • 1.9: 1 format -> 600 x 314 px
  • 1: 1 format -> 314 x 314 px
  • 1: 1 format (logo) -> 116 x 116 px

And the specifications for the video:

  • Minimum 10s format
  • Being hosted on Youtube

And now you know how to create your Google Locale Ads campaign!

What are the settings and optimizations recommendations for a Google Local campaign?

Here are some tips we recommend you follow to get the most out of this format:

  • A budget to be adapted in relation to all of your campaigns: A small budget of 1 to 3 € allows you to distribute widely for certain accounts. Note that it is not possible to change the strategy system, it must be “Maximize the conversion value”
  • Exclude the audiences of your visitors to avoid broadcasting to your employees
  • Distribute over a minimum of 30 days in order to leave machine learning to exploit the maximum amount of data.

How to set up a Local campaign on Google Ads (Local Campaigns)?

How to analyze the statistics of Google Local campaigns?

Go to the Report by store menu, select the following columns:

  • Clicks that generated calls
  • Store visits
  • Orders
  • Menu
  • And also the columns after displays
  • If your Google My Business listing records this feedback, this will allow you to have more detailed statistics. Unfortunately, these data are reserved for a few brands in France.

Is it possible to see the keywords that triggered the ads?

On almost all of the accounts, no data emerges from the search terms. However, on some accounts, we can find the data of the search terms that triggered the posting on the search network.
To check this, just go to the whole account and click on “Search terms” while filtering on your local campaign.

keywords local campaigns google ads

Want to learn more about Google Local campaigns? Contact our Google Ads agency for tailor-made support for your advertising campaigns.

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