How to spy on your competitors on Facebook Ads?

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You run campaigns on Facebook Ads, you want to start campaigns or you want to improve your current campaigns. So we have the perfect tool to help you with your Facebook Ads campaigns by spying on your competitors!

How to access the tool to spy on your competitors?


Before being able to access the tool, it is necessary to have a Facebook account. Without this step you will be unable to access the tool.

Once you have your Facebook account, go to Facebook and search for the name of your competitor (or competitors).

1 – Go to the search bar:

2 – Enter the name of your competitor (or the company you want to spy on). click on the page and select the page

compete facebook

3 – Go to the transparency of the page, just scroll while looking to the left

page transparency

4 – Select “See all” and then click on “access the advertising library”

ads on this page

5 – A page opens and you now see the advertisements relating to the chosen page.

We thus discover the images, videos, size of the images and the wording that are used by the analyzed brand.

How to spy on your competitors on Facebook Ads?

We can even see the targeting done in the ad set:

targeting facebook instagram
Here the targeting is on Facebook and Instagram

instagram targeting
Here targeting is on Instagram only

6 – For some pages you also have the amount spent as here for Uber Eat:

uber eats spending

And now you have all the hands to observe your competition. But if you want to have even more information about your competitors then check out our very simple tip:

Access all Facebook ads from keywords

Do you want to observe a large panel of your more or less direct competitors all over the world?
Easy ! Use the dedicated Facebook page, the Facebook Ads advertising library, select the country (or all for the whole world), select the category (optional) and add the search keyword:

> Advertising library <

1 – List of countries

country list

2 – List of categories

list of categories

3 – Examples of advertising with the keyword Century21

How to spy on your competitors on Facebook Ads?

The magic happens, Facebook shows you all the ads for the word in question. This will allow you to find new ideas for images, videos, texts to inspire you.

Bonus: get spending from Facebook campaigns

For some companies (see Uber Eat), you can get advertising campaign expenses. Facebook wishing to be the most transparent to users, the social network has set up a dedicated space to track advertising spending.
In this space you will find advertising expenses for subjects relating to social, electoral or political issues:

> Monitoring of advertising budgets <

How to spy on your competitors on Facebook Ads?

You now have all the cards in hand to find new ideas, benchmark your competitors. If you are looking for a Facebook Ads agency, we can support you from the strategy to the implementation of campaigns through the creation of assets (videos, images) and the analysis of campaigns.

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