How to stop being notified of “Memories” videos on iPhone?

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In Apple Photos, an artificial intelligence automatically creates groups of photos or “Memories”, set to music.

The Photos app also sending notifications from time to time to invite users to view newly created or past “Memories”. However, these are not necessarily happy moments. It may happen that you do not wish, for a time at least, to receive these alerts.

so here’s how to turn off “Memories” video alerts automatically generated by iOS, both on iPhone and iPad.

Turn off Apple Photos Memories notifications

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Tap on “Notifications”
  • In the list of apps, select the “Photos” app
Apple Photos access settings notifications memories


  • Scroll down to “Customize notifications”
  • Disable the “Memories” option
Apple Photos settings notifications memoriesApple Photos settings notifications memories


Here is the end result:

Apple Photos settings notifications memories offApple Photos settings notifications memories off


From now on, you will no longer receive notifications for memories created by iOS. Note, however, that this does not prevent the creation of these memories, as this is an automatic feature inherent in the Photos app on iOS.

How often do you consult these memories?

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