how to stop the repetition of SMS/iMessage alerts?

Astuce iMessage répétition alertes et notifications

On iOS, there is a handy feature for those who don’t want to miss any message arriving on their iPhone or iPad. This allows to let the device alert the user several times of the arrival of new SMS or iMessage, with regular time intervals. Convenient in some cases, especially on an iPhone dedicated to work, the repetition of alerts can be annoying in other situations, when you don’t want to be disturbed, for example. So here’s how to adjust the repetition of message alerts as you wish.

How to limit the repetition of message reception alerts?

You have to go to Settings > Notifications and go down until you find the title “Messages”.

Tip iMessage repeat notifications


Press on the latter and go down again, at the very bottom, this time to find the mention “Customize notifications”. Then go to the only option offered: “Repeat alerts”.

iOS Message Snooze Settings Access ScreensiOS Message Snooze Settings Access Screens


Once in the next screen, it is possible to configure the number of repetitions for the alerts corresponding to the notifications of the arrival of a new SMS or iMessage.

iOS screen with message repeat settingiOS screen with message repeat setting


By choosing “Never”, repeats are disabled and a new message will only ring the phone once. By choosing “10 times”, the telephone will notify the user 11 times of the arrival of a new message, with always 2 minutes of interval between 2 alerts. You actually have to count the initial notification, then add the number of alerts chosen in this screen.

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In short, this is enough to manage your incoming message alerts as well as possible, either to force yourself to respond to them by imposing several repetitions, or by limiting the disturbances by deactivating the repetitions.

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