How to teach children to read the time using a watch?

How to teach children to read the time using a watch?

Learning to read the time is a crucial stage in childhood. Despite the fact that it is included in the school curriculum, it should in no case be taken lightly. It is a time-consuming task that must be carried out gradually. Indeed, it is the duty of parents to instill this notion in their children. Do you want to know how to go about fulfilling this mission? This article will tell you more about the subject.

Become familiar with the watch in question

Statistically, children show an interest in the concept of time at around age 3. As soon as that moment arrives, it is your duty as a parent or educator to satisfy their curiosity. Above all, avoid using a 8 year old girl watch or simple analog or digital clocks at the very beginning. Children won’t understand much if you do it this way.

Fortunately, there are watches specially designed to help you in these times. These are colored watches. With their particular dials and multitudes of colors like a rainbow, they represent a rather effective way for your child to become familiar with hands, dials, etc. Thanks to the perpetual movement of the hands, he will be able to train himself to visualize the passing hours.

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Another way to familiarize yourself is to focus only on the hour hand and associate specific times with daily actions. By way of illustration, you can associate 7 a.m. on waking up, 8 a.m. on the start of the school year, 12 p.m. on leaving school, etc. This method will allow the child to easily find himself on the watch learning hour.

Apart from its educational and fun aspect, its design is super attractive. You can acquire this educational watch on online sales sites or in children’s stores. With Twistiti for example, you will find a variety of watches intended for the learning of children aged 3 and over.

Use an educational clock

As stated above, the educational clock is a way to simplify learning to read the time for toddlers. This children’s watch has two separate dials. One for the hours and the other for the minutes. It is often an instrument made from wood that is easily transportable.

The colors used for its construction are among others: orange, blue, red, yellow and green. According to scientists, these different colors promote learning and highly stimulate the brain. Orange in particular improves the social behavior of children. As for red, it calls for concentration while blue stirs up creativity.

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Use mobile applications

Over 70% of the world’s population owns a telephone. From children to adults to teenagers, almost everyone has it. Using it for educational purposes doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Just download a time reading learning app to your or your child’s phone and you’re good to go.

These applications have a precise program to teach efficiently and quickly. On this, you will find interactive exercises. Your child will have to place the hands according to the time indicated or find the time described by the hands. Exercising all the time will allow him to become better. At the end of his training, you can reward him by offering him his first watch to learn to tell the time.

In short, a child’s initiation into time reading begins at an early age. To do this well, you must familiarize the learner with a suitable watch. You can for this purpose use an educational clock or even make use of mobile applications created for the occasion.

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