How to tell if your iPhone is new or refurbished

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On the second-hand smartphone market, the overall champion is the iPhone. This is the mobile that retains the most value for several years, where competitors see their ratings plummet rapidly. And throughout the year, whether for special occasions, but also when interesting offers appear on the web, many iOS devices go from hand to hand, from seller to buyer. We may then need or want to see if the product we received is new, repaired, or reconditioned, according to what was described in the sales announcement.

The trick detailed below allows you to perform such a check. It will be useful, for example, to make sure that a seller on a second-hand sales site is not trying to fool you, wanting to sell you a refurbished or repaired iPhone as a new iPhone.

How to know the origin of an iPhone?

In fact, thanks to model numberit is possible to know the class of the device in question: new, refurbished, replaced by Apple or personalized with engraving.

Just check the first letter of the model number. To do this, go to Settings > General > Informationand check the title: “Model”.

Find iPhone model number


Remember the first letter:

Find model numberFind model number


According to this letter, here is the origin of the device:

  • M : device that was purchased new
  • F : device refurbished by Apple
  • NOT : device that was replaced by Apple following a repair request
  • P : personalized device with an engraving at the time of purchase

Note that the trick applies to any Apple product.

Attention : if your iOS device has been refurbished by a third-party repairer, you may not see the letter F. This is only present if a refurbishment has been carried out by Apple, which at the same time may have modified the letter of the model. Note that Apple’s refurbishment is probably one of the toughest and safest out there. If refurbished tempts you, we recommend that you turn to Apple first. A notch below, there is Amazon, which also offers refurbished with excellent warranties on iPhones in particularat more attractive prices than at Apple.

So, which letter for your iPhone/iPad/Mac?

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