How to Thaw Meat Quickly Safely

How to Thaw Meat Quickly Safely

Microwave offers quick defrost, but it might not be the best technique.

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You have time to cook and the meat is frozen, what are you doing?

You can cook meat without defrosting, It is safe. Although you should consider that the cooking will take 50% more time in which you would regularly do chicken, beef or other thawed meat.

Go from freezer to griddle It might not be the best idea. He temperature shock will cause the meat to contract, in addition to its cooking will be delayed and it can be dry. Its texture and flavor will not be the best.


The best way to defrost meat is in the refrigerator, as it keeps meat at a safe temperature. But you don’t have time for that!

He Food Safety and Inspection Service does not recommend thawing in hot water. Points out there three safe ways defrosting food: in the refrigerator, in cold water and in the microwave.

There is a study published in the Jounal Food Science points out that the Hot water it’s a method that works and it’s safe in certain cases.

In cold water

Small meat packages, chicken or seafood, approximately one pound, can be thawed in 1 hour or less.

Put the meat in a plastic bag perfectly closed and without holes. If the bag is leaking, bacteria from the air or the environment could get into the food.

Nor should water enter the bag to prevent meat from absorbing liquids.

Dip the bag in cold tap water and replaces the water after 30 minutes.

A large 3-4 pound package of meat can take 2-3 hours. Whole turkeys, an estimated 30 minutes per pound.

Once thawed the food they must be cooked immediately.

Under the stream of water. It is not the best option You can splash water and contaminate nearby food and containers with bacteria. Increasing the chances of food poisoning. Also, the meat will absorb liquids.

In the microwave

The microwave offers fastest option, in fact it has a defrost function. Use it as last resource since the heat can start to Cook quickly the meat. This will affect the color and texture, putting on something chewy.

After defrosting in the microwave, you should always cook meat immediately.

Hot water

According to a study, beef tenderloin steaks can be thawed quickly in just 11 minutes in a hot water bath without affecting texture or cooking performance, while reducing drip loss.

You can defrost a steak of not more than an inch thick in hot water at 39 ° C (102 ° F). Must move from the “danger zone” which is between 40 and 140 ° F.

This technique is best for steaks, chops, and chicken parts. Not recommended on thick cuts like roasts, pork loin, brisket or turkey because the exterior will remain in the danger zone for a long time.

As with cold water, you can place the meat inside a tightly closed bag. Stir occasionally, keep the real heat of the water and set a timer so you don’t leave it in hot water for long.

Not in warm water

Do not use warm water to defrost, it is not safer than leaving it to rest on the counter, since it subjects your meat to the danger zone.

Freeze again?

The thawed foods in the fridge They can be re-frozen without cooking.

Thawed foods in cold water and in the microwave they must be cooked before freezing them again.


Do not thaw meat at room temperature. Bacteria tend to reproduce and could cause food poisoning.


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