How to transfer ETH from Ethereum to zkSync rollup in 3 steps

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Key facts:
  • All that is needed is an Ethereum wallet with ether (ETH) stored in it.

  • The passage from one network to another can last a few seconds, if there is not high congestion in Ethereum.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to pass ether (ETH) from the Ethereum mainnet to the zkSync rollup.

Rollups are second layer scalability solutions that allow to operate in Ethereum without the need to pay the commissions of layer 1, which are sometimes very high.

ZkSync, although it does not reach the popularity of other rollups like Arbitrum or Optimism, is one of the most promising. If all goes according to plan, later versions of this rollup could process up to 20 thousand transactions per second.

After this introduction, let’s get to work… rollup!

What do you need to be able to move from Ethereum to zkSync

In order to execute the passage from the main network to the zkSync rollup, You will only need two elements: an Ethereum wallet and ETH deposited in it.

In the examples in this tutorial, you will see the Metamask wallet used, but there are several others that are also compatible with that blockchain.


How to transfer ETH from Ethereum to zkSync rollup in 3 steps

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3 steps to take your ETH to the zkSync rollup

1. Enter the zkSync website and connect your wallet

There are several bridges to make the transition from Ethereum to zkSync and possibly many more will be developed in the future. For security, In this tutorial, we will see how to use the “official” bridge, provided by the rollup development organization itself.

From your browser access the website There you will see the following:

How to transfer ETH from Ethereum to zkSync rollup in 3 steps
You can have your ETH in any wallet compatible with Ethereum decentralized applications. Font:

If you use Metamask, click on “Ethereum Wallet” and automatically your wallet will connect to the website.

2. Enter the Ethereum bridge – zkSync

You will be informed, as shown in the following image, that you do not have balances in the second layer (L2) of Ethereum, zkSync. To add them, you must click on «+ top-up».

How to transfer ETH from Ethereum to zkSync rollup in 3 steps
If you have never brought ETH to zkSync, the platform will notify you that your balance is zero. Source:

Once you click on “+ top-up» a new screen will open where you will see all the existing options to access zkSync. There are ways to buy ETH on that network with a credit card and also the Bybit exchange allows you to withdraw the Ethereum cryptocurrency through the rollup.

But, for the purposes of this tutorial, we will see how to use the Ethereum bridge – zkSync, which is the most decentralized way of doing the exchange. For it, click on the “zkSync” symbol which is located at the bottom left:

How to transfer ETH from Ethereum to zkSync rollup in 3 steps
There are many ways to access the zkSync network, both centralized
as decentralized. Font:

3. Send ETH to zkSync through the bridge

Once you click on “zkSync” the following box will open for you to fill in the amount of ETH you want to send to the rollup. Enter the number you want and then click “Top up”.

Keep in mind that to enter or exit the rollup you do have to pay a commission to the Ethereum network. For this reason, remember to leave a certain amount in your wallet to make that payment.

How to transfer ETH from Ethereum to zkSync rollup in 3 steps
Remember to leave ETH in your main network wallet, to pay Ethereum fees. Font:

When you do that, your wallet will open and ask for confirmation to sign the smart contract. Right there you can see what is the commission that you will pay. At the time of this publication, Ethereum fees are relatively affordable and we only have to pay the equivalent of USD 3.82. But keep in mind that this will depend on network congestion. The same page warns you that, on occasion, it could reach up to USD 90 or more.

How to transfer ETH from Ethereum to zkSync rollup in 3 steps
The network commissions to be paid depend on which
be the congestion of Ethereum at the moment in which
you operate Source: screenshot/ Metamask.

After completing these steps, the website will give you the following message in English: “Your deposit transaction has been submitted and will be processed after the required number of confirmations.”

In executing the operation for this tutorial, the delay was less than a minute. But, like the amount of the commission, it depends on the congestion of the network.

Now you can see in «Balances in L2» (balances in layer 2) that the ETH you sent are already deposited in the rollup.

How to transfer ETH from Ethereum to zkSync rollup in 3 steps
The website works as an interface for your address, although you manage the private keys from
your wallet. Source:

Finished homework. Now you can interact with the dApps that make up this rollupfor example, the decentralized exchange ZigZag.

To withdraw the ETH and take it back to the main Ethereum network, you must click on “Transfer” and then follow the opposite path: you put the amount of ETH you want to transfer, and after confirming the operation you will have your funds out of the rollup.

To learn more about Ethereum rollups

CriptoNoticias has published numerous articles where you can delve into these second layer scalability solutions. Some of them are:

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