How to Use Focus Mode on iPhone?

Tutoriel mode Concentration iOS 15

Concentration mode, what is it?

Concentration is new to iOS in 2021. It aims to match the behavior of your mobile to yours, throughout the day. With this, you can for example put a stop to all notifications when you want to stay quiet. If, on the other hand, you are at the office, then you can choose to receive only professional messages. Another scenario: in the car, you can only activate the information received by your GPS or that from your diary so as not to arrive late.

Apple offers several preset focus modes that you can activate in seconds. As for the most skilled, they can also start from scratch and create their own mode of concentration from the eponymous interface of the iPhone.

To start, be aware that access to Focus mode is hidden in the Settings app, between the menus Sounds and vibrations and screen time. There is currently no dedicated app.

iOS 15 Focus Mode Tutorial


Configure an existing focus mode

When you open Focus for the first time, Apple automatically offers you the mode Do not disturb. We can summarize by saying that it is the most restrictive. We will take it as an example to know how to configure a concentration mode: you will see that the procedure is the same for the other modes.

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Right of way for certain people

The mode Do not disturb offers you several possibilities to adjust it to your liking, including that of letting some of the most important notifications pass. First, you can allow specific people to contact you when Do not disturb is activated. The procedure for doing this is as follows, and concerns both calls and notifications from the apps where you communicate with these contacts:

  1. Touch People >
  2. Touch + Add
  3. Check the contacts in your directory to accept (you can filter the list according to Groups that you have already created previously)

The people you wanted to add are now displayed. To delete them, just touch the at the top right of their profile photo or the initial of their first name if applicable. The option Delete all allows you to delete all contacts at once if you want to start from the beginning.

iOS 15 Focus Mode TutorialiOS 15 Focus Mode Tutorial


Incoming calls

In Peoplethe menu ALSO ALLOW is limited to calls from certain categories of contacts. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Touch calls from
  2. Choose Everybody, Nobody, Favorites Where All Contacts
  3. You can also activate Allow repeat calls so as not to miss any emergency

Apple considers “repeated calls” to be repeated incoming call attempts within three minutes. You should also know that the contacts that you added to the concentration mode previously are not taken into account for this call part.

iOS 15 Focus Mode TutorialiOS 15 Focus Mode Tutorial


Allow certain apps only

Now that you have set your notifications according to your contacts, know that the mode Do not disturb allows you to do the same depending on your apps. The method is as follows:

  1. Touch Apps>
  2. Touch + Add
  3. Check the apps you want to allow
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The option Urgent allows you to still receive notifications from apps that are not part of the list you defined above, when they are marked as urgent. A setting to manually define yourself for each app.

iOS 15 Focus Mode TutorialiOS 15 Focus Mode Tutorial


Other preset modes : the method is the same to configure Rest, Time for yourself Where Work only for fashion Do not disturb.

Create zero focus mode

When opening Focus from Settings, tap the + top right. This will allow you to customize your own concentration mode according to your needs or very specific situations, for example a meeting or watching a TV series.

To get started, touch Custom.

iOS 15 Focus Mode TutorialiOS 15 Focus Mode Tutorial


Apple first asks you to name your focus mode. We recommend that you use a word or group of words short enough so that it is not truncated in Concentration, for example “Kitchen“. Then you will have to choose a color from a dozen different shades to choose from as well as an emoji illustrating the activity to be regulated.

The settings are then the same as for the predefined modes seen above: iOS first offers you to authorize certain people, then apps.

iOS 15 Focus Mode TutorialiOS 15 Focus Mode Tutorial


Other Options

Concentration status

Enabling Focus status keeps your contacts informed if you’ve turned off your notifications. For privacy reasons, recipients do not know which focus mode you have activated. However, they can choose to notify you anyway, which will be considered an urgent notification by your iPhone on iOS.

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On the iOS home screen, small red dots with the number of notifications received are placed at the top right of your app icons. It is possible to deactivate them by touching Hide notification badges.

With customize pages, you can also choose to hide certain pages from the home screen when this or that concentration mode is activated. For example, for a work day, you could choose not to display your toy library.

iOS 15 Focus Mode TutorialiOS 15 Focus Mode Tutorial


Lock screen

Here you can choose Dim locked screen for more peace of mind if you have chosen to receive your notifications on it even if your concentration mode is active. To do this, activate Show on locked screen.

Automatic activation

This option allows you to automate the activation of your concentration mode, depending on the time, a place (your house? your office? etc.) or the opening of an app to be specified.

This is also where you can choose Smart Activation, where iOS takes care of activating the concentration mode for you as soon as it detects an opportune moment. However, we advise you to test this feature knowingly, at the risk of missing important messages.

iOS 15 Focus Mode TutorialiOS 15 Focus Mode Tutorial


Do you use Focus Mode on your iPhone or iPad?

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